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07 Nov 2011 12:00 AM by Cove Robert Star rating. 214 posts Send private message

 It just occured to me that I have not seen any posts by TechnoApe for a while. His last post was from way back in August. I always enjoyed his contribution so I hope everything is ok.

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08 Nov 2011 12:06 AM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

Yes techy has been absent a while a bit like Norman who lost interest and was missed by most controversial but
Entertaining none the least

Techy where for art thou

This message was last edited by rod on 08/11/2011.

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08 Nov 2011 1:44 PM by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

08 Nov 2011 2:34 PM by Cove Robert Star rating. 214 posts Send private message

 Thanks Sanchez. Pity

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10 Nov 2011 6:14 PM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4556 posts Send private message

Roberto´s avatar

I heard they also have internet in the UK

A lot of the "old-timers" have gone - notably Rixxy and Smiley, not to mention Morerosado. I myself don't check in nearly as much as I used to. In the early days EOS was all about property and many of us were riding the wave of the boom. Things have changed.

Hope all is well with TechnoApe and the others. Best wishes to you all if you're reading this.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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10 Nov 2011 6:19 PM by leema Star rating in Washington Tyne & We.... 655 posts Send private message

He isn't in Spain, they left. Shame really.


Maureen & Dennis

Coto Real

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10 Nov 2011 6:31 PM by Pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 231 posts Send private message

Pilgrim´s avatar

I´m still ´ere, I´m still ´ere!!!

As retirees, my wife and I are not as affected as many of the folks, with the work situation, etc., here.

Mind you, with the latest saga re. Italy, one wonders what the future will bring for the Eurozone countries??

I find it very sad to see so many shops closed down and companies that have gone to the wall. What a different country Spain is now!! 




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10 Nov 2011 6:39 PM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4556 posts Send private message

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I agree, Torremolinos is very different lately, although the Chinese bazars are thriving. On the other hand, I was in Primark in Málaga the other day. Crisis? What crisis?



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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11 Nov 2011 12:46 AM by meggie Star rating in England. 114 posts Send private message

Primark; thriving Chinese bazars.........yep, there must be a crisis LOL



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11 Nov 2011 9:47 AM by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1835 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

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 The forum has changed over the years.......

I still speak to Rixxy and Smiley and Myself still keep in touch,we even went to the Theatre of dreams together a few weeks ago....

The forum was a lot more fun back then in my opinion but i guess that mirrors the worlwide mood at the moment....

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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14 Nov 2011 3:07 PM by normansands Star rating in Kent. 1281 posts Send private message

Dear All,

perhaps political correctness has crept in - it seems to me that some posts have been deleted unnecessarily - I often challenged his outrageous spin but we parted peacefully according to his last pm.

Roberto is quite correct he could post from the uk, as many of us, do but if he has fallen he may not have much to say anymore.

The market has killled many dreams and taken many prisoners but I thank my lucky stars I am not paying a mortgage on Casares del Sol and who knows????????  if ever my life savings are rescued perhaps I could consider again, but not without consulting EOS of course.



N. Sands

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