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13 May 2010 00:00 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 I've just noticed an error on a Ryanair booking. Our surname ends in LL. Mine is correct but I put a single L for my wife. Should I change it, leave it or book another ticket. It is cheaper to book her a new ticket than change the name. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin

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13 May 2010 09:44 by yeomans Star rating in We live in Leicester.... 149 posts Send private message

I booked a flight with Ryanair and put one friend's name down using the name she is known by but forgetting that was her middle name not the name as written on her passport.  I pondered about what to do but phoned Ryanair and they actually changed the booking free of charge which was a great surprise, but it was only the day after I had made the booking. 

Yvette and Dave

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13 May 2010 09:49 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

I would imagine the official rule is that it needs changing, or another ticket booked...........but I know what I would do. I would turn up with passport and driving license and plead ignorance. I really can't believe they would turn someone away under these circumstances, if they even noticed. Let us know what you decide and what happens.



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13 May 2010 09:58 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Yoemans, we did a similar thing last year. My daughter's friend gave her surname as her stepfathers, when her passport had her real fathers surname. This was with Monarch, and they wanted to replace her ticket at the current market price, which had a difference of over £100 the cost of the original. They were adamant about this. But as her mother works in the holiday industry, and understood what could be done, she destryed all the officious jobsworths bulls**t about how it could be a different person, and managed to negotiate a £30 admin fee for a simple name change. In the end the result was sort of acceptable, but a lot of pain to get there.


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13 May 2010 10:33 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

I've tried contacting Ryanair by phone. After 5 minutes the call cuts out! The call has cut out 3 times! Will try again tomorrow. If that fails I think we might just take the gamble at the airport. We don't travel until October. I've booked the flight from Alicante to London Gatwick and back to Alicante as we are going to drive out  in September and leave the car for 6 months in Spain! My  wife said she is happy to stay on until I get back 10 days later. Kevin


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13 May 2010 10:49 by friendly Star rating in North Lanarkshire. 125 posts Send private message

Hi Kev

I booked a flight with ryanair for a friend and forgot to put his middle name on the booking.  Nothing was said to him at the airports. It was ok.  It is only a letter that you have missed out, I would'nt worry about it.

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13 May 2010 12:25 by tony8297 Star rating. 29 posts Send private message


Last year I booked flights for mysefl and eight freinds to San Javier with Ryaniar.  Due to the large number of people I needed to confirm they could come initially I lost a cheap flight so on this occasion I rushed the booking so as not to lose out again.

In my rush one of my friends was entered as a Doctor and another as a Reverend, which are on a drop down menu on the booking page.

Neither had any problems even though their passports clearly state MR not DR or REV, I'm only glad no one needed any medical or spiritual help on the flight.

Don't worry about miss-spelling your name you'll be OK


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