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Firstly, let me thank you for your interest in sponsoring Eye on Spain. We are very proud of what we have created and we are always truly grateful to all those who enable the website to keep on growing, from our visitors to our advertisers.

If you are not particularly au-fait with Eye on Spain, let me just briefly tell you what we’re about….

Eye on Spain is a community based website that allows people buying a property in Spain to share information and photos of the progress of their properties.

We also have a popular general Spain forum for any discussions about moving to Spain, living in Spain or buying a property here. There are hundreds of helpful articles on the site too giving people information about many aspects relating to Spain. We occasionally do podcast interviews and videos to compliment our content.

Members can also start their own blogs on the site, list their properties for rental and for sale. We recommend certain services and include some fun elements such as webcams in Spain, English speaking radio stations, the weather, and lots more.

Our monthly newsletter is massively popular with a normal open rate of over 80%. The newsletter itself has quite a following!

That’s where we are today but times are changing and we’re keeping up….we've got BIG plans for 2009! 

Today I am hoping you will join us in our quest to bring the fun back into Spain. Yes, we know the world economy has slowed, Spanish property sales have practically ground to a halt, but our own research shows that thousands of people still dream of moving to Spain. They are passionate about Spain and many have been planning the move for years. Nothing will stop them!

Our goal for this year is to concentrate on what makes Spain such a great place for people to live and holiday in. We love living here ourselves and it’s time we took the initiative to remind people WHY they fell in love with Spain too.

I hope when you finish reading this you’ll see why what we have planned is exciting, fresh and why you’ll want to be a part of it.

For further information about the sponsorship opportunities available please fill in the form below.

Here’s to putting the fun back into Spain!

Best regards

Justin Aldridge

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