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23 Feb 2021 15:47 by avron Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Today we are having our money back into our accounts after all this time its been a long  time comming like to thank our hard working solicitors Alonso and Haro so good luck to all who are still trying dont give up

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10 Mar 2021 16:22 by gill_malouf Star rating in Stockport, Cheshire. 202 forum posts Send private message

Good to hear positive news...especially as your solicitor is UK based. My trust in Spanish based solicitors is at an all time low. I had an email from my solicitors saying that the court bank draft was with the court agents on the 29th of December 2020. For some strange reason they appeared to be asking for another copy of my PoA even though it was used in 2013/14 in another claim. Then I was asked to sign a letter that seemed very strangely worded (unknown to me I was in a multiple client action...myself and a couple). On the 10th February I received an email saying the solicitors were getting in touch with the court agents to find out what was happening....until now they have not got back to me...4 weeks!!

Also can I ask if you had a further 20% deducted from your interest & costs amount. I intend taking things further because there seems to be many strange things that have happened duringvthis claim - where I am more aware of what is being done allegedly 'in my best interest' as a client.

I am so happy for you!

Gill Malouf  

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10 Jul 2021 05:25 by Sparky Star rating in Somerset and Vera. 126 forum posts Send private message

Hi Avron, only just got to read this as I seldom visit this forum now.  So pleased to read this though. We are also with Alonso and Haro and we feel far more optimistic than we did with Spanish solicitor that we paid such a lot of money to but just got nowhere.   The final court case should be September having been delayed several times due to the pandemic. We really had given up hope before we contacted them as we decided it wasn't worth wasting any more money but with their policy we thought it worth a try. So it's fingers crossed. I'm so very pleased for you, well done!!

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