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07 Feb 2010 00:00 by David W Star rating. 199 posts Send private message

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Am currently on week two of six in Spain

We are on the golf course at Vera and although the course is quite busy( due to the hotel) the area, Vera ,Mojacar, Garrucha and Villaricos are very quiet even for the time of year

Having just spent the last few days  in Benhavis it seems the same on the CDS.

Golf courses are very quiet as are restaurants and cafes.

Although for us it's so peaceful, what will be the long term effects??

Any other takes on this?

By the way what a great drive along the coast

Justin, we also visited Estepona today and saw no "racing snake'' cycling along the passo???????

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08 Feb 2010 00:58 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4536 posts Send private message

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There seem to be plenty of people about in town here, but businesses are closing daily. First it was small independents, now some of the larger shops are going. Only positive news is Carrefour are reportedly opening a new store in the town centre (where one of the three closed Eroski used to be). Otherwise, it all seems pretty grim.



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08 Feb 2010 10:05 by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 776 posts Send private message

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For Almeria between Aguilas and Mojacar the economic medium to long term future is bright 

You have the High Speed Train coming over the next few years which will make Madrid cira 2 and half hours away- the station will be near Vera

The Junta have great plans for a large development of the area from Los Gallados to Mojacar-residential, hotels commercial as this area is one of the few remaining coast lines of Spain not fully developed

Not everyone likes these ideas as they prefer the area to remain as it is- quiet but I'm sure that the local Spanish are pleased as it will bring jobs  

As my Spanish base is near Huercal Overa I naturally think it is a great location and quite cheap if you go inland and use the local bars etc 

But the recession I suspect will be with us for at least 2010 in Spain and UK and then slow growth- next boom post 2015!!!  






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08 Feb 2010 10:08 by Crispy Cod Star rating in Fuengirola. 28 posts Send private message

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Since Friday we have noticed a large influx of people in Fuengirola and Benalmadena areas . We have been busier than the same weekend last year so hope this now is the start of the season. There are a lot of cheap deals at the moment leaving the UK. Spoke with numerous customers who have managed to get a weeks holiday for £99. This includes flights + hotel.

Also groups of golfers that were here last year are back which means they did not get put off. Maybe the courses have also had to do deals on there prices to attract clients back.


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08 Feb 2010 10:19 by Tish Star rating in Surrey. 833 posts Send private message

My husband called a friend of ours (on his mobile no.) at the week-end , to be told that he was in Fuengirola on a "cheapie" break.  I asked the question " Why would they want to go to Fuengirola especially when  they own a place in the French Alps?" answer: REALLY cheap flights. £29 one way.  !!

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08 Feb 2010 10:21 by Tish Star rating in Surrey. 833 posts Send private message

Just to say they went out on Friday. Must have been some really good deals going.

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08 Feb 2010 11:05 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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This time of year is generally quite quiet in terms of tourists anyway.  We were in Benalmadena on Saturday and the park there was very busy, although this was probably because it's was the first day of sun that we've had in ages.

There are certainly many expats leaving.  Every day we hear of another family packing up so it's quieter from that point of view.



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08 Feb 2010 12:22 by nicolaraho Star rating in Surrey and Mar Menor.... 90 posts Send private message

off to our newly completed place on Mar Menor 2 near Los Alcazares so once I am there I will update news in  that area. As we are near to categena and Murica which are not touristy I don't expect it to be too quiet in the towns but I am sure the resort will be.

As it is snowing here in surrey albeit lightly I can't wait to go. 


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08 Feb 2010 13:39 by lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 367 posts Send private message

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 Only supermarkets and local weekly markets seem busy at this time of year. The Winter has been chilly but when the sun shines everyone is out.

The almond blossom is perfect and fields are full of lettuces and brocolli much of which is packed on site when being harvested.

On Saturday the temperature reached 22 degree and families were enjoying sitting in the promenade cafes in Los Alcazares and some were even sitting on the beach. 

We had a wonderful day cycling along the promenade. It stretches for ever! Would be hard to change that for cold Scotland but it is a hard time for many families.



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09 Feb 2010 11:28 by SimoneIcough Star rating in Monda. 43 posts Send private message

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Yes this time of year is certainly alot quieter, but it is always like this. Apart from the golfers and the saga crowd you dont really get alot of tourists out this time of year. And like someone else said there are so many Brits going back due to lack of work.

It is especially quiet where I live in the campo and have noticed alot of business's closing down, which is a shame for the locals.

Lets hope things start picking up :)

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09 Feb 2010 12:16 by suemac Star rating in Jumilla, Murcia. 1001 posts Send private message

We stayed in Alicante for a couple of days (my husband´s son-in-law celebrated his 50th birthday there on 30th January) and we visited Calpe and Altea on the Sunday: both places were absolutely packed, though that may have been because it was such a lovely warm day. We were in Murcia on Thursday and it was also very busy there. 

We live in Jumilla and, although we know people here have lost jobs because of the "crisis", it has been interesting to see new shops and bars opening up over the last few months.  I don´t know whether this is because people have been made redundant and have decided to work for themselves,  What did surprise us was when Restaurante San Agustin were advertising a Reyes Cena for 50 euros and the restaurant was packed out!  We thought they would have had problems getting customers in at that price - we only went because John had a tax refund!



 Sue Walker

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09 Feb 2010 18:54 by Rixxy Star rating in San Pedro. 2010 posts Send private message

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Its still busier than I remember it when I first came to Spain. There is work around, you just have to be creative and adapt. Many have gone back and that is a shame, but when its leaner times people will go to where they feel they can eek a living.



Quite frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn!

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10 Feb 2010 07:49 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9345 posts Send private message

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Great point... it is all about being creative and adapt.




Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



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