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23 Jun 2011 9:22 AM:

Thank you both for your replies.

So weighing up the cost difference my idea seems the way to go.I will end up with two devices,350 mins of calls,350 sms,2 x vip numbers and 500mb internet plus 150mb for use in europe.

 This will only work out around 6 euros extra per month,but when you take into account i spend about 20 per month on my payg phone i will be in pocket around 14 euros.

You have got me thinking now though to still go for the ipad 2 64gb 3g and take this micro sims. I did not know about these as when i enquired the best plan for me with the ipad was 32 euros per month for a sim only.

Thread: Tethering iphone 4 to ipad 2 on vodafone.es

22 Jun 2011 12:00 AM:

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect to the internet on an ipad using an iphone 4 as the inetrnet connection. I think the term they use is "tethering" . Reading on the apple forum in the states you have to ask for this to be enabled and they charge you extra for it. In the UK from what i have read it is free. I cannot seem to find anything about this operation in Spain.

I was going to buy an Ipad 2 with 3g but the cheapest monthly plan i can get is 32 euros so am thinking of buying the wifi version from UK as i get a discount on it which makes it approx £150 cheaper than the 3g version. Then through vodafone.es you can get an I phone 4 for 129 euros and 40 euro a month contract so for an extra 8 euros amonth i will have 2 devices and a load of free minutes of phone calls.

Obviously this would only be of a benefit if i can use the i phone like a hotspot and connect the ipad using wifi. Anyone out there currently doing this, or even using there laptop on wifi with a connection through their i phone

Thread: Tethering iphone 4 to ipad 2 on vodafone.es

03 Jun 2011 1:31 AM:

Gosh you are a googling professional. I tried for ages trying to find that. I know you do not visit the Costa del Sol because if you did i  would give you some free fish and chips just for being so fast!

Thank you for that. If i cannot get a copy of the magazine i can always get the web page printed now. I know there is not much to get framed but a mention is a mention.

Thread: Free large Cod and Chips...

03 Jun 2011 12:00 AM:

I am trying to get hold of a current Thomson in flight magazine and am willing to give two large potions of Cod and Chips to the first person who can bring a copy to my shop.

They have printed a feature on best of british and we get a mention so would like a copy to add to our collection of articles from other papers and magazines.

It must be the whole magazine or at least a full un creased page suitable for framing. Customers keep bringing in torn out pieces from the magazine or metioning we feature in the magazine but as of yet i have not been able to obtain a copy.


Sean ( Crispy Cod)

Thread: Free large Cod and Chips...

30 Jan 2011 10:46 AM:

Yes we do have an iceland in Fuengirola. So i take it they sell the yeast as well then. I am going in there on Tuesday so will have a look at what they stock and the prices.

Many thanks

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