Other than Telefonica which is best company to use for telephone and internet

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05 Feb 2010 12:00 AM by Crispy Cod Star rating in Fuengirola. 28 posts Send private message

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After 2 years of problem after problem with Telefonica i want to cancel my services with them and transfer to another company. Can anyone recommend a good  company where i might actually receive a bill! a company who does not help themselves to large amounts from my bank account without no explanation.

My latest bill for which they are taking from my account on Monday 98 euros for the period 23 Dec to 22 Jan. I was in the Uk for 2 of these weeks and i never make outgoing calls. My Bill for 23 Nov to 22 Dec was 68 euros when i was there all the time.

i am going to pay this and then try and transfer to another company so looking for any recomendations.


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05 Feb 2010 12:39 PM by 1962 Star rating in Iznalloz. 182 posts Send private message

Hi crispy cod,

If you are contracted with Telefonica on a 12 month basis don't cancel before or they will penalise you, and also inform your bank to block your account with Telefonica in good time because they are very good at taking money if you don't.  You probably know already but 1004 is the no. to phone and ask for an english speaking person. They then contact the cancellation dept. who do there utmost to convince you to stay with them, even offering you a better deal (which makes you wonder why they couldn't have already offered you this deal.) in the end I had to tell them I was going back to the UK to convince them, people are leaving Telefonica in droves.  Like you we hardly ever used our land line and couldn't understand what we were paying for. As we have not yet got another provider the only thing I have noticed is that there are always offers with different companies in the free papers euro news, sur, olive press, and the Costa Del Sol newspaper (not free as you must know) I am sure you will get lots of advice from others on this thread who are with other phone companies

Regards kathy





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05 Feb 2010 12:53 PM by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message

I highly recommend Orange, no line rental charges and for 6 euros you can call the UK for 1000 minutes a month, absolutely fantastic, my bills have dropped by 40 euros a month and no cut offs with the internet.



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05 Feb 2010 2:18 PM by Crispy Cod Star rating in Fuengirola. 28 posts Send private message

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Thank you for your replies.

Joan could you tell me more about the deal you have with Orange. What is the cost per month for telephone and internet before calls? Is the internet wireless? as i have a laptop as well as a desktop pc. Do you have any contact details at Orange in Spain. Do they ask for a Telefonica bill before you sign up as in 2 years i have never even seen one. No matter how many times i call them with my address details they cannot seem to get a bill to me. I even had my Gestoria call them in November and even though he was assured i would start receiving bills. Nothing.


Just a quick update. After speaking with Telefonica this morning and them telling me my bill is 98.68 euros i went to the post office to pay it and the computer said no! the lady entered all the information twice and twice it came up with the same answer and that i need to contact Telefonica on 1004. So i just called them again to be told the reason why your payment was rejected is because you do not owe us any money. She told me my next bill is not until March. I know she is wrong but could not reason with her. I have always been billed monthly at home. My mother who lives next door gets her bills every two months and at my shop i get the phone bill every three months



This message was last edited by Crispy Cod on 05/02/2010.

This message was last edited by Crispy Cod on 05/02/2010.


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05 Feb 2010 4:27 PM by mariposa07 Star rating. 82 posts Send private message

Hi Crispy Cod,

I'm with Telefonica and they certainly do their best to drive their customers insane!  I use Europa Network for my call to UK and for calling mobiles, they now also offer line rentals etc and are very competitive.  You can find them on the internet.

Good luck

www.mariposacurtains.com info@mariposacurtains.com      

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05 Feb 2010 4:52 PM by Home trader Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

We have lived here is Spain for 8 years. All our neighbours once we got to know them held us by their hands and told ud not to upset Telefonica and Iberdrola.

We had problems with both over the years, more with telefonica. We lived in the campo so had to go into town to report the line fault. The call box was free. They came up with most of the excuses in the book! Mostly it was 'You haven't got an account with us.

We moved to another town in June and the purchasers didn't need a phone line, BUT, you've guessed it the bills kept coming for 6 months.

They have finally closed the Account

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05 Feb 2010 5:02 PM by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

You should get a bill from Telefoníca every 2 months. If you don't tell them you are closing the bank account and to send the bills to your address for paying. Then close the bank account. You'll soon receive a bill.


Todos somos Lorca.

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05 Feb 2010 5:19 PM by Crispy Cod Star rating in Fuengirola. 28 posts Send private message

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Maybe it is different if you are a business because at my shop i only get a bill every 3 months. At home they are billing me every month. Well i say billing me. I have to phone each month around this time to find out how much i owe as if it is not paid by the 9th of the month they disconnect me. I wonder if it is because i have internet at home they bill me monthly.


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05 Feb 2010 6:37 PM by timba Star rating in Cardiff and Rocas de.... 27 posts Send private message


Try Direct Telecom company are based in Tenerife, they take over the line management from Telefonica lots of good call packages, wifi etc www.direct-telecom.es.

Give it a try you get your own 800 number and good deals on International, national call etc.



regards Timba

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11 Feb 2010 3:32 PM by Crispy Cod Star rating in Fuengirola. 28 posts Send private message

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After researching the various options for different adsl providers i think im going to switch to Vodafone. You can switch from telefonica and have a telephone and adsl for 39.90 +iva per month this is if your area can receive the maximum speed connection. Otherwise its 34.90 +iva per month for a 3mb connection.Unlimited downloads allowed on both schemes.

It includes 1000 mins per month to landlines in Spain, free wifi router and a usb dongle that you can take mobile at a cost of 2.90 per day. If you sign up at the moment there is 25% of these prices until September.

Hopefully this will end my relationship with telefonica once and for all. The only problem i can see is that vodafone need a telefonica factura to do the change over something i have not received in two years. Now i have to phone and ask if they will fax one but i will not hold my breath!

Can anyone comment on the positives and negatives with this offer from vodafone.


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11 Feb 2010 4:00 PM by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2586 posts Send private message

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A lady on our urb uses Vodafone and says it is very good. I too was going to use them as they will install a phone line too if you don't have one, but every time I went to place an order, the computers were down!! I got the ump in the end and signed up with Telefonica. I do read all the TF threads, honest .


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11 Feb 2010 5:38 PM by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Whenever I select "Spain" as the country it took me to a spanish website. Is there an English version Vodafone for Spain?



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11 Feb 2010 8:52 PM by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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forhotspot; try this link...





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11 Feb 2010 8:58 PM by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Thanks foxbat. Will appreciate if anyone uses their service post some comments about them.



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