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24 Dec 2009 20:08:

We wish you luck and happiness for the future.  So many of us expats are hanging on by the skin of our teeth here in Spain.  Many will have no choice but to go back in the early part of next year and try to start again.  It is heartbreaking.

Merry Christmas

Thread: Goodbye to all......with a sad heart

10 Dec 2009 12:37:

In my case I did consider that maybe it was a scam but chose to try it anyway. 

Dealing with administration of a will is very difficult if you live in Spain and the deceased estate is in UK.  I had chosen to deal with the estate personally rather than use a lawyer.  One cannot stay in the UK indefinately while the wheels turn slowly and one cannot go to a solicitor in Spain to ask a question about property law in the UK.

What I learnt was that this was not something that I would consider using again.  In theory its a good idea.

Thread: JustAnswer.com - Is it a Scam?

09 Dec 2009 22:49:

I used this site in September this year whilst acting as an Executor of a Will. 

My question was in connection with an unregistered property with a life interest held in trust.  The answer was not of the standard that I would have expected from a qualified expert in this field and in fact another question was asked meaning that I paid another fee.  I did not get a satisfactory answer to that question either.  I stated that I was unsatisfied and was told I could ask another expert.  However that would have entailed further expense which I was not prepared to pay.

The fee, for 2 questions, was paid with my credit card.

I would not use them again.

Thread: JustAnswer.com - Is it a Scam?

26 Oct 2009 19:28:

Thank Goodness.

I for one would be willing to post again.

Thanks Chrissie and Justin

Thread: Justin & EOS team - forum rules are being broken

09 Aug 2008 12:57:

Troubled builder given green light to finish El Pinet

By Dave Jones and Alex Watkins
ELCHE town hall has approved plans to allow building work at half-finished El Pinet urbanisation to be completed.

This comes on the back of the Regional Supreme Court decision in April which turned down an appeal by ecologists who were demanding an end to construction at the site.

Construction company San José Inversiones was first ordered off the land in La Marina de Elche five years ago following the intervention of ecologist group AHSA.

They complained that the urbanisation lies inside the protection perimeter of Santa Pola natural park.

Hundreds of home owners – including scores of British expats – have been living in limbo ever since.

The controversial re-ordnance of El Pinet was finally approved last Friday.

Town planning councillor Alejandro Pérez announced that this was the definitive go-ahead for a ‘special’ project.

He claimed that the town hall had included environmental improvements to the plans at every stage to make the development more sustainable, including the elimination of one of the apartment blocks ‘to make it more compatible’.

He said: “The builders can continue the work at MR-9 and finish the urbanisation.

“The will be the end of one of the development issues which we have pending.”

However with builder San José Inversiones presenting voluntary suspension of payments to the Mercantile Court earlier this year the future is still not clear cut for home owners in situ and buyers who are waiting for their properties.

Administrators have said they want to keep the company afloat by continuing with its building projects.

And this week company boss José Rodríguez told La Verdad newspaper that he hoped to reactivate San José’s fortunes by completing El Pinet urbanisation.

Residents have told CB News that will only believe that their urbanisation will be completed when they see the builders on site and the remaining houses and infrastructure finished off.

They have been waiting for several years for basic infrastructure and a rubbish collection service.



Thread: San Jose into liquidation.


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