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12 Oct 2009 00:00 by josie118 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

 I joined this site just to post about this restaurant.

The other half and I had a late summer holiday this year in Marbella.  We ate at Blue Palm a couple of nights and thought it was fantastic!  They had a quiz night on Friday (we didn't win) but they had great prizes- cash and rounds of drinks.  What could be better?!


Their menu is great.  My partner had the Blue Palm burger and said it was the best burger he had tasted for a long time!  I had an omelette, which was perfectly cooked, although I couldn't eat it all.  It must have been made with at least 4 eggs! plus a portion of chips!  They have an open kitchen, which I really like because I have had a few bad experiences with food in Spain.  It's good to see a clean and tidy kitchen.  We also went for a roast on the Sunday.  This wasn't my choice, as I don't usually like a roast while on holiday but I was very surprised at how nice it was.  The beef was cooked wonderfully- with a little bit of pink to it and the veg was so fresh!  They had the rugby on as well, which was great.

The staff are brilliant.  They are so friendly but still professional.  Blue Palm's real assets are the owners.  We think they are a couple.  The man is one of the chefs and also does the quiz night and the woman acts as a sort of front of house.  Both are fantastic!  The man is a nutter- very outgoing and hilarious- we loved him!  The woman is so friendly and really goes out of her way to make you feel at home.  It felt like we were dining in their own home.  She also had some toys and colouring for the children on the table near us, which I thought was a nice touch.  The hubby left with a bit of a crush on her, I think!

The atmosphere was great- it was busy even for the end of september and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  There was great banter between the staff too.  It just felt like we were at a party.  You can choose to join in if you want or you can just sit quietly and they serve you in peace.  It's just the perfect combination.  I have no idea how they do it!

Has anybody else been there?

It would be interesting to see if everyone's experience were as good as ours or if we were just lucky?

We are looking forward to going back just after christmas for another roast!

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12 Oct 2009 22:02 by sandra Star rating in . 793 posts Send private message

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If you are talking about the cafe/snack bar along the paseo in Marbella , then yes I have used it.

In January of this year we were walking along the paseo when I noticed the cafe and remembered that Rixxy , a member on this site had extolled it's virtues on quite a few occasions.  The cafe was full with a lively atmosphere   and everyone seemed to be enjoying their food.

As we were ready for a warm drink it seemed the obvious place to stop. We decided upon two  bowls of their  'home-made'   soup at 4.5 euros each  . The waiteress/ owner told us it was vegetable soup that day, and so we ordered. When it came there was no bread with it and we asked for some. It did not look like vegetable soup- creamed or otherwise, it looked like a bowl of gravy. It tasted as if the cook had dropped the complete contents of the pepper pot in it and was clap cold. Disgusting, Yuk!! The bread, when it arrived, was two soft ,doughy breadrolls.

Sorry about this post Inez,  I guess we just got there on a bad day or ordered the wrong thing.










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12 Oct 2009 23:57 by Candyfloss Star rating in Cardiff / Mar Menor. 1605 posts Send private message

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Hi Sandra,

That baby grew up fast LOL!

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13 Oct 2009 02:07 by sandra Star rating in . 793 posts Send private message

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'..........grew up fast'

No,no Candy she's still only five years old. It's all that smoking, it plays havoc with one's complexion!!







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29 Oct 2009 15:55 by nats2907 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Sandra, I think you are talking about the Banana Tree.  We went in there on the penultimate day of our holiday, having already tried the soup (and other meals) at Blue Palm.

We had soup at the Banana Tree, which was 4.5e and you're right- it was horrible!   The bowls were not warmed so the soup was pretty much cold when we got it and, again, it was overseasoned.  We won't be going back there for food.

We tried the soup at Blue Palm early on in our holiday and it was a completely different story!.   It cost 5e but well worth the extra .50, as you get a nice baguette and butter with it.  Much better than the awful bread rolls at the BT.  It was fantastic- definitely homemade, as we actually saw the chef in the kitchen preparing bits to put in.

We went back there for dinner a few times during our holiday and didn't have a single bad experience!  I'd recommend the Blue Palm burger to anyone who goes- the best burger I have tasted in a long time and great for kids too!  If you're lucky enough to be in Marbella when they have a quiz night, go along!  It was great fun when we went, and like Josie118 said they have great prizes.  And the owners keep some toys and colouring for the children, so it's fine to take them along too.

Overall, we had a great experience with Blue Palm and will definitely be going back and recommending it to everyone who goes to Marbella! 

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08 Nov 2009 23:28 by sandra Star rating in . 793 posts Send private message

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Sorry Nats, but it was definitely this one

Pic 1 

Which is up for sale by the way

I've never been in this one

Which is a bit of a shame because they apparently specialize in cakes like this,

  and this,

and this,

 and this

No, I've definitely NOT been there!!







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