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12 Aug 2009 00:00 by db Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Sorry if this has already been covered in previous threads! We need to pay our wealth tax whilst we are over in Spain. We trundled all the way to Malaga from Estepona on Monday arrived at the tax office at 2.05pm only to find it closed at 2.00pm! Does anyone know if we can download the relevant form online? Are there any local places we can collect one from around the Estepona/Marbella area or do we have to go all the way back up to Malaga?? Our lawyer told us that the 'local' tax office is in Malaga so I take it there won't be another one in our area but thought I would ask the question anyway


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12 Aug 2009 21:58 by leswill Star rating. 120 posts Send private message

Here is the link from the tax office for all AEAT offices in your region.  However if you have not completed the form before and do not speak Spanish I don't think you will get on very well on your own.  Wealth tax has now been abolished, only renta is payable by non residents.  You have until December to pay this so why not look at our website for help at a very reasonable cost.  If however you do speak and read/write Spanish you can download the form at www.aeat.es and have no need to go to  the tax office at all - just pay in your own bank.



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14 Aug 2009 16:19 by tech Star rating in Maidstone/Turre when.... 83 posts Send private message

Help and advise needed please.

Hope this is the right thread, as a non resident still working and paying tax in the UK, what and how much tax do I need to pay in Spain? I own a 2 bedroom apartment which I purched in April 2007, (purchase price 168000 euros). I only use this for holidays and I do not let it out to other people.

Many thanks.


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14 Aug 2009 18:03 by leswill Star rating. 120 posts Send private message

Hello tech,

For 2007 you need to pay your renta and wealth tax, for 2008 and future years just renta is payable (2008 is payable by December this year).  You can PM me on here or have a look at my website for an economical way to pay your non resident taxes.




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30 Aug 2009 22:52 by nuflow7 Star rating in Solihull/Vera Playa. 138 posts Send private message


Can someone advise if we can offset our UK mortgage payments on our Spanish apartment against the 210 /renta please?

Many thanks



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31 Aug 2009 08:41 by leswill Star rating. 120 posts Send private message

Hi Kaz, renta is calculated on the Valor Catastral of your property regardless of whether you have a mortgage or not.  It was the wealth tax that took mortgage balance into account - the outstanding mortgage was deducted from the purchase price and you paid wealth tax on the balance.



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08 Sep 2009 23:19 by flyingcat Star rating in London/Mojacar. 85 posts Send private message

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Where I can obtain the Valor Catastral for my aparment? I assume it is not the purchasing price on the deeds? 

Many thanks.

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09 Sep 2009 00:52 by mrlwin Star rating in Toledo&Naranjos 7, 5.... 52 posts Send private message


The valor catastral for your aparment  appear in the IBI tax form  that you migh have received directly from the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).

The IBI is the "Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles", which could be translated as "property tax". It is equivalent to the Council Tax in the UK. It is a local tax paid  annually to the Town Hall where the property is situated. Although the tax form is often sent to you through the post there is no obligation on the Council to do so and it is the responsibility of the owner to request from the Council the tax demand and pay it in the time limits.

Hope this information helps


Maria Jardion 7 N557

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