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26 Aug 2013 11:24 PM:

I may have placed the following on wrong thread - i need some help to understand

This year got our first IBI (which says for 2012) after four years ownership. We bought a new build.

Here is the information on IBI:

VC 107.177,03 BL: 92,977.69% BONF: RC 3433507XG0133D02290A
Bl 107.177,03 TG: 0,5300
V. SUE: 65,012,34 V.CON 42,164,69.

Can anyone tell me what those mean? Is that VC Valor Catastral, which should be the base calculate our non-residential tax? In that case what V Sue and V Con mean?

Our lawyer has been paying tax for us at year one and two, I worked out that lawyer had used almost exactly vc value which is on IBI, how can lawyer knows the Valor Catastral in advance from day one when we even have not got an IBI in our post?

Many thanks for your help.


20 Nov 2010 6:45 PM:

Hi, Dene,

Our lawyer has registered us with AEAT. I am thinking paying tax from now on by ourselves. Has gone through Form 210 process and requested tax label from AEAT website.

Now face Form 030 to change address. Can you point right direction how I can do that online? I was going to fill Form 030 on line and print out, take the form with me and visit tax office next time we are there.

Our tax office is Huercal Overa which is not really close. So if I can do it online it will be great. I understand that once we changed address, next year the tax label should be sent to our address instead of our lawyers.

Thread: Online registration for the payment of non resident’s la renta tax

19 Nov 2010 5:14 PM:

Hi, Dene,

Can you give me a guidance how I can change my fiscal address from our lawyer's to ours online? I was going to print out filled form 030 online and take it with me to tax office to do it. Can change be handled online? 

Many thanks.

Thread: Online registration for the payment of non resident’s la renta tax

09 Nov 2010 12:00 AM:

I know this topic has been covered before, but we really need a 'guide for paying non residential tax for dummy'. We have paid tax last year through our lawyer. The fee we paid lawyer was higher than the tax itself.

After tax been paid our lawyer gave us two copies of filled form 210 (one for me and one for my husband). Each with a sticker and bank's chop on them. I understand it is not the tax certificate. The form show Huercal Overa as the adminstration office even though our property is in Mojacar, Almeria.

Can anyone PLEASE give us a dummy step-by-step guide how we can pay tax this year by ourselves, if possible, paying online since we do not plan to be in Spain before end of this year. I am sure we can fill form 210 ourselves just by copying last year's.

Many thanks.


Thread: paying non resident tax

05 Dec 2010 7:49 PM:

Hi, can anyone please give me some detailed advice regarding form 030.

The purpose to fill 030 is to change our fiscal address from our lawyer’s to our own property address in Spain. The form is for both of my husband and me.

I have following questions:

1.    1.  I understand as a non-resident we only need fill sector 1, 4 and 9, is that correct?

2.    2.  Under section 1 which box I should cross? 103 and 104 against ‘modificacion/cambio de domicilio fiscal’ or box 105 and 106 against ‘consignacion/modificacion/cambio de domicilio notificaiones’? Those two headings look similar to me. Also as a couple should we only cross 104 or 106 respectively or we need fill form 030 each seperately? 

3.    3. Under section 4 which should be filled with our property details. The issue here is on our title deed the address is writen as plot number and our lawyer had paid tax for us using the deed address. Town hall has since given a street name and number for the complex. As consequence our apartment has been numbered properly since then. Can we fill this section with new address not plot number as previous? Before we go to visit tax office should we go to Town Hall first to get some sort of paper to show our new proper address (we are still in the same property, did not move at all)?  

Many thanks.

Thread: Register to pay taxes


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