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06 Aug 2009 00:00 by HybridAnglo Star rating in Leeds & Manilva. 73 posts Send private message

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Don't know if this is the right place or not, but it seems that after posting a comment on another forum, a link has appeared at the bottom of said post, directing people to a Photo Site.

I know for a fact that I didn't include it, so not sure how it got there.

Is this a glitch in the EoS system, or has my EoS sign-on been compromised?


(Link to said post found here)


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06 Aug 2009 10:46 by PujaKush Star rating in Amazon Jungle 2nd Tr.... 51 posts Send private message

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I too have had problems.

I created a thread called "LOCAL AREA NEWS" in the La Recoleta forum.

but all of a sudden some how its title changed to "Driving a spanish car on uk licence"

my thread does not even talk about cars/driving etc, its only for local area news.

as far as i know you cannot change the title to a thread once created, so i assume this is a EOS glitch.

i have reported to them via technical but have not heard so far.



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06 Aug 2009 10:51 by HybridAnglo Star rating in Leeds & Manilva. 73 posts Send private message

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Checked my profile and said link appeared in my "signature", but I didn't place it there and have no idea how it got there.

Have removed the link now, so we'll see if it mysteriously returns.

Wonder whether someone has accessed my EoS profile nefariously, or perhaps done it as a joke from my own laptop.

Who knows?


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06 Aug 2009 10:57 by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

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