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05 Aug 2009 00:00 by profinracine Star rating in Racine, Wisconsin ...... 27 posts Send private message

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Hola, todos.

I'm hoping you will be willing to read, respond and comment on an idea that's been buzzing around (what's left of) my brain for the past couple of weeks regarding the possibility/potential of opening a small business in Olvera.  Will you be my "focus group?"

We are purchasing a property in Olvera and would love nothing better than to move and live there full time.  While we will have some retirement funds, we will also need to have some income -- not that much, maybe about 1,000 euros/month -- coming in on a regular basis.

Our understanding that Olvera, a community of about 1,000, hosts a full-time ex-pat population of about 100-150 people ... as well as visitors and tourists.  We have found a wonderful building, close to the town square and ayuntamiento, approx 200m2, that formerly housed a school of English until the owners were forced to return to Britain and put the place on the market.  The property is lovely and is available at a most attractive price.

Our community center would house a small gym/fitness center (there is, we understand, one gym in Olvera that caters to the younger Spanish population) ... a lending library of English books ... a place to watch the telly and/or use computers with Internet access ... gather for book discussions or watching and talking about films ... sharing recipes in a small "test" kitchen ... learning English (for the locals), other subjects of "higher education" (I am a college professor in the USA and work on civic engagement and lifelong learning opportunities in my community here), Spanish courses (of course), and, perhaps, even a daily lunch: one item only, no substitutions.

My research seems to show that people in Malaga, Sevilla, and thereabouts are now paying between 75 euros and 150 euros per month to exercise in a good quality gym.  I'm thinking of combining all of the elements mentioned above -- plus anything else that might be appropriate -- for a monthly memberrship fee of 25 euros per person.  My business plan requires a minimum of 50 members to make ends meet with a little left over for us ... and 100 members for us to live comfortably.

Unlike most urbanizacciones where many English-speakers live, Olvera remains a typical Spanish town that welcomes new residents from wherever they hail.  For this reason, I am wondering if my community center/club idea may be a worthwhile and workable one here.

Thanks for your patience in reading through this.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Saludos muy agradables,


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06 Aug 2009 10:26 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message

Hi Bruce.

Looking at your idea, Have you taken into account the running costs, ie electric insurance water taxes and any other payments. I note that you say we how many of you to share the 1000€ ? to start with

In addition if you are self employed you will need to pay a monthly stamp, I think you need to investigate this idea a lot further and to see what the true costing would be.



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06 Aug 2009 10:31 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message

Hi Bruce,

Sounds like a fantastic idea but as Goldie says you will need to register as a self employed individual and that can cost around €250 a month per person including social security plus also a fee to an accountant to look after your personal taxes and so on.


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06 Aug 2009 11:27 by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message


Just to add to my earlier post,

You will need to satisfy the local authorities with health and safety and the fire risks,

As Joanmalagar says around  250€  a month for stamp,

Look forward to what you have to say.



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06 Aug 2009 14:25 by profinracine Star rating in Racine, Wisconsin ...... 27 posts Send private message

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Thanks, folks.

This is all very new to me and you've definitely given me much to ponder and investigate.

Doing a business plan -- of which I have created many in the USA -- in Spain, evidently, is quite different!

Just from the figures you've mentioned, it appears to be more difficult to launch a small business in Spain than in the States.

Will keep you posted ...

Muchas gracias, de nuevo.


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11 Aug 2009 20:36 by Aelred Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

If a person who is Over pensionable age say a lady 60, in reciept of UK state pension and resident in Spain, decides to go self employed does she need to pay the stamp?

any help appreciated



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