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04 Aug 2009 00:00 by MAGICMEG Star rating in Scotland. 546 posts Send private message

Only last week I read that Spain gave millions in aid to a third world country  .Nice gesture  but who's money was it ,mine yours and all the others who have been robbed by the Spanish system  .Who knows ???????? 

Every one no matter what property abuse they have suffered ,no matter what the circumstances or situation is  ,should sign on to Suzanne's petition. The numbers and vast amounts of money  involved in this is being  grossly under estimated by the powers that be .If nothing else the true extent and costs of all property abuses in Spain should be in the public and political domain .What have you got to loose stand up and be counted Best regards  .MM


  Nothing surprises me anymore  

     but I am willing to accept that sometimes (although not very often ) I can be  wrong !

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04 Aug 2009 09:52 by alamred Star rating. 242 posts Send private message

Magic meg, i have signed petition.

I have written to david Milliband,

I wrote to 6 MEP's who went to a rally in Mojacar regarding land abuses,  Including Caroline Lucas, that gay one from eastenders, david hammerstein, and nigel farage

Wrote to Norman Baker, Lib Dem MP - "defender of the weak", got email back saying as I was not in his consituancy tough luck.

Wrote to Auken herself, issuer of that report on spain being crooked scum and sort your life out.

Wrote to Spanish banking ombudsman as advised by mark stucklin, spanish property insight

Wrote to ted Jeory, Daily Express journalist, who has exposed sean woodhall and his cronies,

Wrote to local chamber of commerce in Albacete, needless to say not heard a thing.

keep fighting the scum.


Send Spain back to the 60's and then the bmw driving    s.....................ckers will sit up and notice



This message was last edited by alamred on 04/08/2009.

This message was last edited by alamred on 04/08/2009.

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