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04 Aug 2009 09:52:

Magic meg, i have signed petition.

I have written to david Milliband,

I wrote to 6 MEP's who went to a rally in Mojacar regarding land abuses,  Including Caroline Lucas, that gay one from eastenders, david hammerstein, and nigel farage

Wrote to Norman Baker, Lib Dem MP - "defender of the weak", got email back saying as I was not in his consituancy tough luck.

Wrote to Auken herself, issuer of that report on spain being crooked scum and sort your life out.

Wrote to Spanish banking ombudsman as advised by mark stucklin, spanish property insight

Wrote to ted Jeory, Daily Express journalist, who has exposed sean woodhall and his cronies,

Wrote to local chamber of commerce in Albacete, needless to say not heard a  f...ng thing.

keep fighting the scum.


Send Spain back to the 60's and then the bmw driving c.......ck    s.....................ckers will sit up and notice



This message was last edited by alamred on 04/08/2009.

This message was last edited by alamred on 04/08/2009.
Thread: Petition stand up and be counted

30 Jul 2009 23:11:


my advice, get a decent paid of trainers and run until you can run no more.


the area is riddled with typical spanish crooks

Thread: Advice needed on house purchase

28 Jul 2009 16:13:

justin sent an email saying life is tough, he has had to make redundancies, he cant supply it anymore in hard copy version,  you can have it on a discounted rate like siesta tv or you can have your money back


kepp trying and justin will eventually answer

Thread: Spain uncut DVD'S paid for but not delivered?

19 Jul 2009 19:34:

take your money, bank it, ensure it cleazrs, then sue the bastards

Thread: Judgement won what should I do next

16 Jul 2009 10:55:

Booby joy - where did you get that information from?


PM if required



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