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27 Jul 2009 00:00 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message


Does anyone know what is going on with the electric bills this month. First the titular is changed to Endesa Energia XX1.SL and secondly the reading only goes up to 30th June and is an estimate.

I manage a number of properties and all the bills are the same and are very low bills, average 12 euros. Are we likely to have the same fiasco that we had at the start of the year and next month get huge bills, especially as the prices increased anyway from 1st July? Does anyone know when the next bills will be and for what period? And do we pay these bills that are not in our name?

Thanks in advance

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30 Jul 2009 12:15 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4495 posts Send private message

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It's another typical Endesa foul up by the looks of things. I am awaiting my usual monthly bill, which hasn't arrived, yet on the Endesa website when I log in to my account, there is a low bill showing as paid - who by? On the other thread about electricity, Robmct posted this link: www.energiaproxima.com/, on which it explains roughly what's happening. The new tariff comes into effect from July 1st, and you will have a new provider, so the first bill will be in two parts; usage from July 1st, and usage prior to July 1st. It appears that the usage prior to July 1st is being transferred from the old provider to the new. Very confusing, and just a clever way to distract us all from the fact that the price of electricity is going up for the second time this year.



"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

Mark Twain




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30 Jul 2009 14:39 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

My bill is also showing as paid but I haven't paid it. I am still waiting for the bill to arrive in the post as I pay it in person not by direct debit. I did have e-billing activated but this seems to have suddenly stopped?? And when I try to re-activate it the system says it is not available. So is this latest bill (up to 30th June and in the name of Energia whatever) not actually a bill we have to pay just yet. As you say it appears that the usage is being transferred over. So is this bill just to "notify" us of our consumption and usage up to 30th June which will then be included in the second bill? (though its an estimated reading) I am very confused!!! And when do we get this 2nd bill??


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30 Jul 2009 16:35 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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I dont often do the Victor Meldrew bit but ...

It really is high time that Endesa got their act together whether they be known as Sevillane-Endesa or Endesa-Energia or whatever...

In the three years we have been here they have managed to get things right for one year...

When our house was being reformed in 2006 the brand new meter blew up and Sevillana took it away promising that a new one would be installed the next day, and in the meantime they put a bridging device in so that we continued to get electricity pending the new installation.

Next day came and went; next month came and went, with no sign of a replacement meter. We phoned Sevillana and explained the situation and they said a new meter had been ordered and would be fitted when they received it. Three months went by which included a visit from a meter reader who checked inside the wall mounted box, saw there was no meter and went away...the subsequent bill was for Standing charges only.

In those days we had bi-monthly visits from a meter reader and each subsequent bill again was for standing charges only...After more than a year of begging and pleading with Sevillana and still no new meter, we eventually had a visit from an inspector who listened to our Spanglish explanation of all that had gone before.

We had a an advisory letter from Sevillana's office in Granada which roughly translated said that we were liable for all the electricity used to date even though they had no idea how much we had used...but it did lead to a new meter being installed a few days later.

The meter reader continued to call bi-monthly but our bills were still for standing charges only. This went on for six months and then we had a very peremptory letter stating that unless the account was cleared in full, the electricity would be turned off and  proceedings taken against us.

I called the author of the letter and just saidin my best Spanglish "You send us a bill like we have been asking you to for the last eighteen months and we will pay it on receipt." The next day  we had a bill for 900 Euros for the period that the meter had been installed...it was followed by another letter the following day with a demand for 1700 Euros, representing an estimate for the missing 1 year based on the actual useage for the period that we had the new meter. So suddenly in the space of just 24 hours we had electricity bills totalling 2600 euros...

Whilst this was something of a blow to our finances we had known that they would catch up with us sooner or later and we had budgeted accordingly and so had the cash available to pay the bills in total.

Bills then follwed the actual useage as read by the meter reader, until last month...May through June is a low consumption period for us; warm enough not to need heating and cool enough not to need the aircon going; in terms of actual consumption we had 360 kwh charged and this was charged correctly at 40.49 euros BUT, under the heading Recargo Excesso Consumo we were charged an additional 29.44 Euros for what equates to1,037kwh ie over 1 megawatt...about enough to keep all of our village going...or one of RENFE's AVE trains...How the hell they arrived at this figure I do not know and I am almost afraid to askand to be perfectly honest I really dont want to get into prolonged discussion with a company that officially no longer exists over just 29 Euros.

This month is the first month under the new regime and so far we have had no bill through the post and nothing deducted from our account by direct debit.

I have never succeeded in registering on-line with Endesa, despite quoting all the information taken directly from the last account; If I input my NIE number with or without the X and the - , and/or substituting a 0 as the first figure I get an error message saying the associated account number is wrong; if I select to feed in my passport number it chucks that out as invalid...After dozens of attempts I just gave up!

Like I said it really is time they got their act together...




This message was last edited by foxbat on 30/07/2009.

This message was last edited by foxbat on 30/07/2009.




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30 Jul 2009 19:18 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 I found the nie number registered was my solicitor. When I used that all was revealed! It could be whoever registered the account in your name. Worth a try. Kevin

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30 Jul 2009 21:35 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Kevin  Hi!

The guy that arranged our electricity supply is one of the sharks I'm always advising people to avoid.

Given that it was he who told us that the meter had blown up and was going to be replaced, he might well have removed the bu**er himself to use elsewhere!

I personally wouldnt give this guy the time of day! Nor I feel would any of his former clients...

The thing is so far as the online registration with Endesa is concerned its my NIE number and account number that appears on all the bills! So its good enough for sending bills out but not for registration!

As I said after many many tries I just gave up!

Thanks for the thought though!

Victor Meldrew will now retire to the village bar...





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31 Jul 2009 20:58 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

I have just logged into my endesa online and although I can access it all the bills have gone and I get this message "The contract you have selected is not associated with a factura" ????

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31 Jul 2009 22:25 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4495 posts Send private message

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My account has gone blank again. I guess they're busy messing things up.

Foxbat - why don't you just ring them up and ask them for your username and password. I know that sounds dumb, but someone who bought a property from me years ago and never changed the contract into their name managed to log on to my account somehow; when I spoke to Sevillana they just asked me for an e-mail address and then sent me a new username and password. In this day and age of ultra-security, it doesn't make sense - but then again, yesterday I went into Halifax (I'm in the UK at the mo) and asked to draw a few hundred quid out over the counter - giving just a bank card and a signature (could easily have been forged) - no ID required. Bit scary really.



"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

Mark Twain




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01 Aug 2009 08:56 by Gordon Westcott Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

I'm new to Forums so it could be that all the info I need is somewhere - but I can't find it!

Unfortunately we've moved back to England, but we still have the Spanish house we lived in and we have had continual problems with Sevillana. Has any body else suffered what I can only call random billing? This has been going on for nearly a year now with them debiting our bank account with anything between Euro100 and Euro1,200 on a monthly basis! On many of the times there has been no-one at the house.

We've asked our lawyers to investigate and they tell us that the local agent assures them that all is OK and the bills are based on meter readings. Someone told me that 'new' owners Endessa have used Sevillana as a cash cow and have hiked bills enormously and, as a result, have had Euro 20 million confiscated by the Spanish authorities. I can only hope this is true and will be kept to repay overcharged customers.

Can anyone shed any light for me?


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11 Aug 2009 14:44 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

I have now received a bill in the post dated 31st July for 76 euros which seems to include the "low estimate" of 12 euros however this bill is not showing online?? What are Endesa up to?

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11 Aug 2009 18:43 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4495 posts Send private message

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What are Endesa up to?

Just the usual inefficient BS, to distract us from the fact that prices have gone up for the second time this year.



"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

Mark Twain




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12 Aug 2009 09:41 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message

Absolutely ridiculous, I have still not receievd my bills for July, i rent properties and need the tenants to pay them otherwise they pile up and I never get my money!

3 of my neighbours have received theirs but i am told that NO bills for my area have been issued!

Furthermore how long do you have to pay for a bill, when my last tenants did not pay me there was 5 bills outstanding and they did not get cut off, yet i am 2 bills late and they are threatening to cut me off.

I just do not understand any more!

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14 Aug 2009 12:27 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

Joanmalaga - I understand exactly how you feel. We rent a number of properties and I used to be able to get the bills online but they seem to have vanished. I got my bill for my own house but the other bills are obviously floating around the coast somewhere! How am I meant to get my tenants to pay???

With regards to cutting off I think it just depends what mood they are in. I know someone who hadn't paid 6 months of bills and still hadn't been cut off yet someone else got cut off when it went into the 2nd month of being late. And then when you get cut off you have the fun task of dealing with the electric company to try and get a bill with another "barcode" on it to be able to pay it!! wouldn't it be easier to produce a bill that can be paid anywhere at any time and has the necessary barcode on it????

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14 Aug 2009 17:48 by kernow24 Star rating. 106 posts Send private message

6 months, last bill paid by us was estimate for 10 euros,  total bill now over 3000 euros and tenant still not cut off despite Endesa saying they would cut off July 4th then August 4th!!!! (Tentant not paid any utilities for a year)

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02 Sep 2009 14:16 by JennySz Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

If it helps anyone - I have just spoken with Endesa on line and have been notified that the next on-line bill will the end of September! So from bi-monthly billing to monthly billing to now quarterly billing....! I know that i'm going to struggle to get all my tenants to pay this way.

Does anyone know of a webiste where you can estimate bills by entering the last and present reading?

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02 Sep 2009 14:21 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message


Careful with this, they are not billing quarterly, all they are doing is sending all the bills out at once because they are not oraganised!


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02 Sep 2009 14:29 by JennySz Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

oh ****. (!) and just when I got round to setting up all my landlords on line, they go and complicate things! I think i'm going to ask for electricity contributions from tenants now

Thanks Joan

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09 Sep 2009 12:35 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

Have just gone online and the bills are showing for most of my clients now.

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09 Sep 2009 12:37 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message

I spoke to them yesterday and they advised that all pending bills are being issued this month

Great, we will receive 3 bills on one go!


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09 Sep 2009 12:39 by JennySz Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

Finally! me too - although they are now showing under 2 different contracts but at least i can now start collecting some money!

Thanks for everyones help on here

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