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18 Jun 2009 00:00 by sterling Star rating in Kent & Partaloa, Alm.... 206 posts Send private message

Hi All,

I have just had a look at care hire from Almeria airpot.  I cant believe how expensive they are,not only that but most of the small economy cars are sold out!!!  I've never paid this much before !!!



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19 Jun 2009 21:33 by the toffees Star rating. 35 posts Send private message


I think its the same all over Spain - if you have a look on the 'driving in Spain' thread you will find a few things about this there.  The rental companies have not got as many cars as usual apparantly!


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20 Jun 2009 01:35 by southsidedub Star rating in Ath Cliath. 8 posts Send private message

friend of mine tried carjet  x almeria for 1st 2 weeks july  webb site says  no cars of any size for hire

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20 Jun 2009 02:13 by altealavella Star rating in Orxeta. 42 posts Send private message

Try doyouspain i recommend them to my clients


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20 Jun 2009 19:22 by bobby78 Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

I could'nt belive the prices either so we have opted for public transport instead.

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20 Jun 2009 21:33 by Poppyseed Star rating. 898 posts Send private message

At Easter we paid £350 for a weeks car hire (although it was a nice car). In addition, on arrival we had to pay £58 PER DAY for insurance PLUS 300 euros was the best deal we could find through an American website as they were the only one with any cars left. Wont do that again so next week we are driving my daughters small car down for the summer whilst she is working abroad. Will probably buy a car in Spain next year when we hope the exchange rate might have improved.

Regards, Poppyseed



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20 Jun 2009 22:44 by Robayl Star rating in Dublin Ireland. 11 posts Send private message

Try Hertz online usually whatever airline you fly with have a special rate for airline customers. A bit less than EURO 400 for 2 weeks last time I checked.

Or why not buy a 50cc moped if youre not going to travel too far you can get them in Carafour for about EURO 500 new and use it every time youre over. Or about EURO 900 I think for 100cc

Robert Aylward  

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20 Jun 2009 23:28 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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These prices are now getting ridiculous.  Either no cars available or stupid, stupid prices.  Robayl, cheapest car from Hertz is 496 euros for 2 weeks in August if you pay up front, 699 euros if you pay on collection and thats for a Peugot 107.  The prices are exactly the same with an airline promotional code (BMI) and 457 euros if you have a Ryanair promotional code landing at Murcia.

Look at any other site and you'll be lucky to even get a car in August, Econorent (who we normally use) have unavailable for all car grades.  Doyouspain does have cars but the cheapest for 2 weeks is 450 euros.  Cheapest I can find is Carjet at 405 euros.  Oh, these prices are for 13 days, not the full 14 by the way.

Just what is going on?  Same time last year there was plenty of choice at well less than 250 euros for a fortnight.  Due to grandkids we needed a bigger car (Zafira or VW Wagon) and got it for 325 euros last year.  This year (same company) the price is coming up as over 1000 euros.  Don't think a 50 cc scooter with me, the better half, daughter and 3 grandkids plus hand luggage will be viable.  Buying a car and leaving it there means having to get to and from the airport which adds about 150 euros in my case. 

Seems silly to me if these companies are pricing themselves out of business.

And also silly that the car hire cost is more than the cost of flights for 6 of us.



This message was last edited by bobaol on 20/06/2009.

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21 Jun 2009 00:36 by irenemontague Star rating in liverpool/carvajal . 795 posts Send private message

Hi i think the way the car hire prices are now and no new fleet of cars with in 6 months only half the car company's will be left at this rate.Where we fly into malaga so we have a good train service only 1 euros 45 cents to the apt but we are lucky we have this train service bye Irene

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21 Jun 2009 11:10 by sterling Star rating in Kent & Partaloa, Alm.... 206 posts Send private message

Hi All

It''s a joke, I cant believe that not only are they expensive but most as you say are all sold out.

The moped idea would really suit us as we are flying into Alicante this time and have to travel to Albox,it'll take all week to get there  I'd be cream crackered !!

I will continue to search and will have tobook something soon. Do you think that waiting untill we arrive at the airport will be a better solution?


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21 Jun 2009 11:33 by FibbyUK Star rating in UK, Surrey & Playa F.... 2349 posts Send private message

FibbyUK´s avatar

Hi Sterling

i had the same problem a week or so cars

I then went via Expedia and they found us two cars via Alamo at Alicante

But via Alamo, there were none available.

Give it a go............



One off fee to pay your own La Renta tax (210 Form)
Check out my website:


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22 Jun 2009 07:54 by sterling Star rating in Kent & Partaloa, Alm.... 206 posts Send private message

Will do,

Thanks Fibby


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22 Jun 2009 08:44 by Malvina Property Services Star rating. 53 posts Send private message

Malvina Property Services´s avatar

My Local Car Hire agent told me that the majority of big Companies had reduced drastically the numbers of cars they hold in response to all the negative publicity that Spain was going to have greatly reduced numbers of tourists this year.

This has not happened as badly as predicted and has left them with a severe shortage  of available cars. The £pound is getting stronger and so the numbers of tourists will increase even more making the situation more difficult.

Of course in true tradition they are cashing in now by charging top and sometimes OTT prices.



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26 Jun 2009 14:24 by Team GB Star rating. 1245 posts Send private message

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Yes I agree, this is exactly what has happened. But coupled with this the major car manufacturers who used to "dump" several hundred cars into the Spanish car hire market have not done so this year for obvious reasons.
I am coming over next week and have been trying all morning to find something reasonable, it’s a nightmare out there, results so far, these are from Malaga airport.
Car jet C2 261e
Car trawler 207 281e
Solmar direct A group 259e
Doyouspain Fusion 270e
These have all doubled at least since Feb this year, I’m going to have to consider buying a cheap runabout to leave at the house at this rate,




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26 Jun 2009 15:02 by astelle Star rating in Shaw. 14 posts Send private message

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Dear all

I tried do you spain they have cars but they are very expensive!!!!!



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26 Jun 2009 17:50 by randolph Star rating. 167 posts Send private message

We went to Spain last week (17th - 24th June) and not expecting any problems with the car-hire left it until 10th June before contacting carjet ( who we always use). Their prices seemed expensive but not excessive. However - whatever we tried to book the email came back 'Unavailable/SOld out'.

Like Steve we made a shortlist of other companies and prices - but again there was very little choice. Whatever we tried to book was 'sold out'.

We ended up going with doyouspain and Atesa, paying a helluva lot more than what we expected.

We landed at Alicante and 21.30, hot, tired and desperate to get on our way - but at the Atesa desk we were met with  an angry miserable and bad-tempered situation. This is what happened.

We were the 6th in the queue - with only one harrassed and very slow Atesa employee behind the desk.

Out of the 5 in front 2 lots were told there was no car for them .Both had young families.....(and one lot had paid Expedia in advance). They contacted all other car-hire companies in the  airport from Avis to Hertz - there were no cars available at all. Both lots came back to argue their point - but no deal - if your name was not on Atesa's did not get a car.

Also most of us had in our contracts that we could have an extra driver at no extra cost ...NO WAY! any extra driver cost 7 euros a day.

Therefore there were lots of arguments and shouting etc and it took 90 mins to get our car, luckily our name was on 'the list' this point we were grateful for small mercies.

Never again will I book via a broker - I will only book direct with the car-hire companies. It may cost more but at least if you turn up at a hertz/solmar/goldcar desk with a hertz/solmar/goldcar confirmation they cannot claim your booking does not exist.

Any one who had seen the state of those poor families left stranded late evening would do the same...



This message was last edited by randolph on 26/06/2009.

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30 Jun 2009 17:41 by glen miller Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Just returned to the UK from Ibiza.

Booked the holiday in March and organised a hire car through Do You Spain. Incredibly cheap, 9 days for 75 Euros!!!

We were due to fly out on June 16th and on the 13th I received an email from DYS saying that Auriga could not honour my rental so DYS had organsied a hire car through BK Car Hire at 375Euros for the 9 days!! DYS said that I should pay the full amount on arrival but if I gave them my bank details when I got back to the UK, they would refund the difference. This sounded like a scam to me, so I called DYS and proposed that they pay BK Hire the difference and I would pay what they originally quoted me. I pushed this as much as I could with the lady at DYS and in the end she referred it to her boss who said that they would not agree to my proposal. At that point I cancelled the hire and used taxis. I still wonder if DYS would have refunded me the money, somehow I doubt it.

Has anyone else had this experience with Do You Spain?


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30 Jun 2009 17:54 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

morerosado´s avatar

Hi there Glen, welcome.

Claire Davis of DoYouSpain posts on EOS (see her posts in Auriga Crown/Alicante- No new Fleet! )

Maybe if you posted in that thread she would answer as she would be alerted to a new post by email.

Her answer would be very interesting.









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