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30 Jun 2017 12:21 PM:

We have a place in Almeria and we pay it quarterly as a direct debit. We organised the payment through the bank.



Thread: Basura

21 Jun 2017 9:43 AM:

The 10% discount is for family and friends of members. Do any of your friends or family have memebrship?

There used to be members on this site who willingly published their names and details. Brittany Ferries got wise and cancelled the memebrship. No members ( me included) will give our details to anyone who is not a friend or family.



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Thread: Britney ferries

11 Apr 2017 9:36 AM:

We applied last May and in October we received  our licence and registration number. However we have had no notification of any inspection. 

Thread: Apartment rental - Inspection notification

09 Apr 2017 9:21 AM:

But you ARE required to pay it quarterly if you are a non-resident! I  think it is important to distinguish between non residents and residents. The OP did not say. (sorry about the colour - can't seem to change it)

The below quote is from spanishtaxforms.com - paying taxes is what they do.

What taxes do I have to pay?

You pay non-residents' tax if you do not receive any income from your property. This is paid in the following year so, for instance, non-residents' tax for 2016 is payable this year (2017). You pay income tax on net rental income (i.e. income after expenses). This is paid immediately at the end of any quarterly period so, for instance, income tax due for April - June 2016 must be paid by 20 July 2016 and so on. If you pay income tax for any period, this reduces your non-residents' tax in the following year - i.e. you only pay one tax, income tax or non-residents' tax, for any period. [top]


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Thread: How can I submit a 210 quarterly rental income form myself

08 Apr 2017 11:32 PM:


 I was trying to show that  non-residents  are required to  pay tax on rental income quartely .

I understand that you may consider my sources to be unofficial - but, in this case, they  are correct. The 'official' sources are usually so vague or complicated mere mortals like myself cannot make head nor tail of them.

 I do not want to go to the tax office, armed with 'official' Spanish documents to explain  the tax system to the Spanish officials.

I pay my tax, I pay it quarterly, I pay it simply, correctly and cheaply.  


Thread: How can I submit a 210 quarterly rental income form myself


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