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04 Oct 2016 20:15:

Totally agree Jarvi! There should be a thread spreading good experiences re car hire.

We tend to use Dickmanns. I know the reviews are rubbish - but no other companies fare any better.

We have never had any trouble with them ( used them 8 times in the last 3 years approx) but, regarding the reviews we have put  the lack of problems down to good luck.

However,  in May we hired a car and when we returned it we were told we would get a refund on the petrol in the tank.  'Oh yeah !?!??' we thought!. We never expected it and would not have used the energy fighting for it . BUT a refund was in our bank within a week. Can't remember the numbers involved - just gobsmacked we got anything.



Thread: Well done Do You Spain Car Hire

30 Sep 2016 13:37:


We posted the below message in May. It includes links to the correct forms that you need.

If you cannot get to Spain to do it yourseld in person - there are different agancies that advertise on the internet to do it for you for a fee of approx 90€.

The downside is you have to send them all your original documents......

'We've done it! 

So........straight from the horse's mouth this is what happens and what is needed. 

Please note we went to Almeria - don't know if our experience is practiced across the various Tourist Offices. 

What you need 

1) Licence of First Occupation with Catastral Reference number. ( original) .We thought we did not have one. However one was lodged in the depths of Pulpi's archives!. Best to check. It is also supposed to give the maximum occupation limit. It doesn't and Almeria Tourist Office couldn't give a hoot. 
We were told just use the number of bedrooms and X 2! 

2) Es Copia Simple (original) 

3) A completed form from Junta de Andalusia ' Consejeria de Turismo Y Deporte' 

This can be downloaded from here. It also gives advice on how to fill it in ( you need to scroll down to the bottom) 


We recommend you download the PDF version. It says you can do it online. BUT, to do this, you need to get an electronic signature and this involves jumping through hoops. 

We were armed with everything we had - insurance documents, passports, original NIE forms from the police etc. None of these were asked for - only the 3 listed above. 

The Process 

1) From the Reception desk we were sent upstairs to the Tourist Office. (We don't know if this was because we looked like a couple of dingbats or this happened to everyone!) 

A lovely chap ( who spoke English) checked through our forms, pointed out a few things we had missed out and photocopied our papers. We did not know we needed to have copies. Best to be prepared. 

please note you need to take copies of all the 3 forms listed. 

2) With all papers checked we were sent downstairs to see the Registrar. He confirmed our copies of documents were correct replicas, kept the copies and returned our originals with our Junta de Andalucia form stamped and dated. 


We are now registered. They will send the registration number in about month ( we won't hold our breath) 

They will not send any letters to the UK, only to Spain. 

I do not see how anyone can do it on-line, even though it is reported in the press that you can. They need to see, feel and sniff the originals! 

The folks in America Tourist office are friendly , great fun and most importantly incredibly patient! 

We expected queues - there were not any. Only saw one other person clutching the same forms as ourselves. 

We were prepared for a lot of hassle - but very straightforward. 

The Tourist Office ( address on the advice link) was easy to find using Satnav. Parking on streets can be difficult - but there is a public underground carpark 2 blocks away. 

Hope this can be of help to you other owners .

Thread: Tourism Licence - why is ENGLAND not on their list of countries

19 Sep 2016 10:05:




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Thread: New law for private rentals in Andalucia

14 Aug 2016 11:46:

I use the Michel Thomas CDs.

I use the Michel Thomas CDs. He is repetative, methodical and strightforward. Some may find him 'boring' and 'old school' but he clearly  explains the grammar and sentence structure. I do not like to learn Spanish by rote - I need to understand how the language is put together. 


Thread: Spanish Lessons

30 Jul 2016 12:48:


The FOL that we had to produce when registering the property should include the maximun occupancy. Ours didn't. I asked at the Ayuntamiento and they said they did not do it. The registrar couldn't give a hoot.

Perhaps if this was followed up and implemented it would solve the problem of over-crowding.



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