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09 May 2011 01:55:

foxbat re "irish mafia" 

all i can say is we had very good teachers. you lot for 800 years

Thread: Cheap flights to UK from Malaga??

19 Jul 2009 01:25:

Yes Milli56 i booked last Jan used DYS  for 1st/17th July from Almeria and returned to Murcia (with  Crown) at 275 euro for Ford Focus Desel plus E55 for full tank plus   E36 for tyres/windows extra. No Q at ether end. would use again.

Thread: Murcia car hire - update.

18 Jul 2009 02:29:

seat ibiza 460 pounds or opel corsa 420 pounds from almeria with  MALAGACARHIRE.COM

Thread: Lack of hire cars

18 Jul 2009 00:00:

can anyone tell me please the legal position on this. next door to our holiday house is a spanish person who lets his dog bark morning noon and night the thing never shuts up.  every little noise (break wind in the bathroom )and the thing starts. i have spoken many a time to him (he has good english) and he just gives a load of bluster and waffel  what can i do type answers. he just turns off his hearing aid and does not hear the hound. i know some of the others on the road (both spainish and imports) are fed up with it but look to be doing nothing about it. it came very close to a digging match over this last week but i got the wife indoors before she decked him. she just at this stage wants to put some warfon in a nice big jucy stake and deal with it that way (give it to the dog not the owner )but i told her that is not how to deal with this. any info on what to do would be welcome

Thread: barking dog

20 Jun 2009 01:35:

friend of mine tried carjet  x almeria for 1st 2 weeks july  webb site says  no cars of any size for hire

Thread: CAR HIRE


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