Camposol Golf, Mazarron

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15 May 2009 00:00 by alamred Star rating. 245 posts Send private message

Not sure if I have missed something, but have googled and cant see any horror stories.

Does anyone have any information on properties here, any problems with planning etc.

Thanks in advance



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18 May 2009 12:59 by Rose FP Star rating in Costa Almeria. 20 posts Send private message

Hi Alamred.

2 issues that I am aware of!

1) Lack of Habitation Licences as not yet signed off off by the Town Hall (MASA, the developer, has not completed the infrastructure)

2) Licencing issue. Many properties are designated as 'turistica' meaning that they have planning as holiday homes/rentals and not for permanent residency.

There is a Resident Association that is pressing the Town Hall for action as these issue have been rumbling on for years now, since the outset of the development some 4/5 years ago.

As a consequence of the above, mortgaging these properties is nigh on impossible (even pre 'Credit Crunch'. If the lenders do not want the risk then what does that tell you!

Mark Mountney Rose Financial Planning

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18 May 2009 14:30 by nigela Star rating. 407 posts Send private message

There are others problems with subsidance of some properties and roads.  It is quite hard to guage whether these are major problems or just scaremongering.  We spent a couple of holidays there last year and found the villas. urbanisation and the whole area to be superb.

If you want more information try the following link:


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31 May 2009 16:47 by Lotty08 Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

I went to view properties here and the ones at the top end are the ones that are in a mess, the cracks in the walls are rather large, some walls have fallen down also. I stood on a driveway and my feet were sinking into it even in hot weather., I also spoke with people who lived on Campasol only to find that these houses at the top end should not have been built and get all the water from the large mountains behind them causing the houses to sink, trust me dont even go there I have and would not part with my cash for one of these falling properties,  the bottom end near the very few overpriced shops they have on the complex are ok but still a lifeless place to live.

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03 Jun 2009 15:39 by sainsbury Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

oh my !  May as well knock the place down eh ! Guess your place is perfect ! We who own and live there know the truth. Let,s keep it quite chaps. My dad,s bigger then your dad  la da da . what ! it,s your ball and your not gonna play ! perhaps we can do without you lot here anyway EH !

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03 Jun 2009 18:52 by Lotty08 Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

I am very sorry to have upset you but I am only going on what I saw and was told from people who live there, also bar staff at the little bar/cafe there, dont worry Im not going to Mazarron it put me off the area.

Im sure you may be happy there but I could not see people spend their hard earned cash on properties that are falling down I have videos of it I took myself of the large cracks and the very bad building work, walk up to area C and have a look and look how many are for sale and why is the rubbish not cleared away from that area? Trevor Mc donald did a bit on this complex about 2 weeks after I came back from there it was on television. as I said before the other parts are ok and nice, but the shops were very few and very overpriced but hey you can get a pukka pie from the chippy there. I am still looking forward to my move  back to Spain thank-you Im now going to the area where i lived before the people are very nice and helpful there  x

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03 Jun 2009 20:01 by sainsbury Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I suggest you take a look at the Siesta Show 66 on this website. This is Spain. Not a Barratt housing estate in Surrey. 99% of the properties are fine. These properties on A /B / C and D are within a lot of peoples price range. It is possible to get a 2 bed on A for 75,000 euros. Get a full survey done as you would in England. There are houses suffering subsidence in England which costs 3 times that. So many people come over to Spain expecting,so much that is just not gonna be that way. People conplain they can,t get a number 9 bus, no Marks & Sparks and most of the spanish drive on the otherside of the road. Your talking about 200 grand plus properties to come to your standard. You are never gonna enjoy any where if all you find is faults. There are some 7000 properties here, seems they are all wrong and the people you spoke to are right.  Ain,t nowhere perfect. Just begins to grind after a while when people blow off about how bad a place is and how clever they are to have chosen a "oh so much Better place" Well for the money, I think it is ace!

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03 Jun 2009 20:39 by Lotty08 Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

I went there in Feb 2008 the properties were much more then, They have fallen in price !! no wonder you sound angry, I love the real Spain and have many spanish friends, they are lovely people if you get to know them maybe you can start enjoying yourself there and relax alittle thats what Spains all about. Enjoy Life x

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04 Jun 2009 10:11 by rowlandsbb Star rating in 2010 50/50 Macclesfi.... 760 posts Send private message

rowlandsbb´s avatar

Some of the points made by Sainsbury are quite true and there are lots of people who enjoy their lives there

I suppose the bad publicity has had am impact on the general values at Camposol and puts buyers off...even life style buyers do want their home in Spain to be a good long term investment, even if profit is not their motive for buying in the first place

Another problem is that there are a lot of alternatives ,so  buyers tend to adapt the safe approach and avoid Camposol ...surveyors advising anyone also

Todays buyers are  more savy and informed, which is good for everyone, 

Long term the problems have to be sorted and the sooner the better........ as besides all this it is a nice location in an area which is growing in popularity 





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04 Jun 2009 11:50 by nigela Star rating. 407 posts Send private message

I must say whrn I went to Camposol last year (in April & august) the villas I stayed in were excellent - I could not fault them.  One was on sector A and one was on sector C.  We didn't go across to Sector D but apart from some potholes in the roads I couldn't see much wrong with them. 

Prices there have definelty fallen since 2008 (but then they have across the whole of Spain and probably the whole of Europe).  We stayed in a detached villa with its own swiming pool and the only problem we had was on some days you could smell the pigs on the farm (on Sector C).

To me the whole area seamed very peacefull - a lovely place to have a holiday.  The area around Mazarron is beautiful where you have the mountains meeting the sea and the beaches wernt packed even in August.

As for the cost of properties I have seamed some for sale as low as 55,000 euros!  The prices seam very good value.

As for the residents everyone we spoke to was extremely positive re the area they lived - a few people said there were problems on some properties on sector C & D because the ground was not left to settle before they built on this - but by now the ground will have settled and any problems would be seen.

As to why there are so many properties for sale - a couple of reasons one is some people bought several properties as an investment to resale on - with the crash in the property market they havn't been able to.  Another reason is many people want to move back to England - as you get older and need better care then you really need to be in the UK - we have better care facilities for the elderly and there is no language barrier.  Also with the recession there has been a build up in unsold properties all across Spain. 

If you are going to buy on Campersol - don't just ignore it but do ensure that you check the properties out fully, legally and structurly.





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