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02 Feb 2009 00:00 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Sorry Justin, but I need to tell you that the site as is has become pretty much obsolete. I have now stopped looking at the site because it takes too long to sift through the old, obsolete postings, to find any new additions. I reckon 90% of the postings have been on there 2 years plus. They are either sold or are unlikely to sell at the prices being asked in the current market. I have no problem with someone asking what they think their property is worth, even if it is way over current market prices. But when mixed in with so many obsolete postings, the whole service becomes pretty useless.

Sorry if I am being harsh, and if anyone disagrees please say so. However I do think postings should be dated and removed after a fixed period of time, or when sold.

Perhaps time to decide whether there is value in the site, and if so upgrade it? 


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03 Feb 2009 09:24 by Team GB Star rating. 1186 posts Send private message

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Agree with you Fultond, untill recently I was a perspective buyer and EOS private sales was a regular visting place for me, I did mail Justin some time ago to voice my concerns, but I expect he has a million other things to be doing.

My suggestions would be

1) Leave all the chaff adverts on the site(the advertiser has paid the fee)

2) Introduce a filter on the search parameters to find 'Recently Added' and 'Reduced Price' Properties

3) Send a round robin e-mail to all advertisers asking them to upgrade there ads






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03 Feb 2009 09:26 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4018 posts Send private message

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 I appreciate what you are saying.  We have found that people often don't remove their listings once their properties are sold.

As you probably know we have a new site coming in the next couple of weeks and we have some measures in place on that site to improve the service.

Saying that, we still generate between 20 - 30 enquiries per day for the listings on the site, a figure that most large real estate firms would kill for.  Someone recently even posted on the forum about her success in using the service.  It does work, so there is a lot of mileage left in yet!  We are tweaking it and it will improve over the next couple of weeks.



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03 Feb 2009 10:52 by fultond Star rating in Haywards Heath & Tor.... 242 posts Send private message

Agree fully with Steve below. I am not complaining for the sake of it, I would like to find something appropriate for myself on the site.

I wasn't aware of the new site being planned over the next couple of weeks, so look forward to that with eager anticipation Justin.

Out of interest Justin, do you know if the 20-30 enquiries a day are to active sellers, and do they get responses. Over the past year or two I have sent enquiries for at least 3 or 4 properties and have never had a response. Therefore I assume these were sold, or the details were now obsolete.


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03 Feb 2009 16:22 by Jet48 Star rating in Estepona / Great Yar.... 106 posts Send private message

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Certainly if a date could be added showing when the ad was placed would be most helpful.


Great Yarmouth


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