Can you trade in English Cars in Spain for new i.e Part Ex?

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09 Apr 2008 00:00 by luisam Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi ya,

We are looking to move to Spain in August and were considering buying a new car beforehand, but after reading some emails have come to the decision we will be better off buying new in Spain.  However if we drive over in our current car, does anyone know if we will be able to part exchange the car in Spain or will we have to sell privately? 

Any help greatly appreciated.


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09 Apr 2008 13:01 by Marksfish Star rating in Puerto Rey, Vera, Al.... 2469 posts Send private message

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I made an enquiry to this company about buying a left hooker in the UK, preferably one that had bee registered previously in Spain. After receiving the full blown sale bilge from a salesperson, I received a polite follow up email from David Loach that contained no pressure and confirmed that they can also arrange registration and delivery to Spain. They will also p/x a left for righ ot vece versa. May be worth an email to see if they can be of help you you?



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09 Apr 2008 13:08 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1839 posts Send private message

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you can do it with the second hand garages but i am not sure you can do it with the main dealers.

Dont forget your car if sold to a garage here will be going on a transporter back to the UK to be sold there, so the garages will knock off approximately 500€ for transport costs.

You are far better off selling your car in the UK before you get here and then hunting around.

RHD cars devalue so quickly here.

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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04 Sep 2008 16:38 by goldey Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

I too had this problem in december as i owned a left hooker in spain and a right hooker in england.
Don't know about you but i just can't get on with LHD so i sold that and brought my RHD over and registered it here
and if i were you and the car was reliable i'd do the same and not loose ££££'s.
Car dealers are making to much taking advantage of brits either leaving or arriving in spain desperate to off load cars,
Forget it and keep the one you have.

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04 Sep 2008 22:28 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4256 posts Send private message

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".......can't get on with LHD"   How do you cope crossing the roads? 
I don't mean to sound rude, but frankly, I find this statement a bit worrying. Driving a RHD car on the right puts you at a distinct disadvantage, and I really think that if you plan to live in Spain, you ought to get used to driving LHD. What exactly is so hard? If you find you keep opening the door when you want to change gear, buy an automatic! Everything else is exactly the same.



"First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure"

Mark Twain




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05 Sep 2008 08:59 by goldey Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

My LHD was an automatic so the door was never opened doing a 100k on the motorway so don't worry.
It's just a personal preference that's all, 4 of my neighbours have RHD and they all say the same as me.
The only problem one might have is overtaking on a single carriage way road but i just don't do it anyway
whether LHD or RHD.
I taught people to drive in the uk so my safety and forward planning is a lot better than most on the roads
so it's no problem for me.
Why should i get used to driving a LHD anyway, is it illegal to drive a RHD.

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05 Sep 2008 10:34 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4256 posts Send private message

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Of course it's not illegal, and it's entirely up to you. But as a former driver instructor, I'm surprised a) that you have a problem with LHD anyway, and b), that you don't accept that there are obvious disadvantages, which whilst may be considered relatively minor, nevertheless contribute to overall safety. For example, overtaking on single carrigeway roads (have you never found yourself behind a tractor on a country road?); pulling out of a parking space with reduced visibilty of oncoming traffic; pulling around double parked vehicles, especially vans, trucks etc, of which there are many in Spanish towns, again, with very much reduced visibilty when puling into the path of oncoming traffic; reduced visibilty at some intersections, especially of traffic approaching from your right; not to mention the inconvenience of paying tolls and car parks if not carrying a passenger.

I'm sure that you are a very safe and competent driver, and no doubt take extra care in any of the above situations. But I still fail to understand what there is to "get used to" in a LHD, and if for no other reason, when in Rome......

Enjoy your fish and chips and pint of bitter at the Rose and Crown today!



"First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure"

Mark Twain




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05 Sep 2008 11:12 by goldey Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

    JESUS... i can see you've lost a lot of sleep over my comments and for that, i sincerly apologize.

        For i am a right hand driver with a big brain and left hand drivers with small brains bother me.


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05 Sep 2008 14:02 by VickiT Star rating in Bournemouth. 121 posts Send private message

I'd beg to differ with you on the big brain bit.  Roberto is absolutely right.  I drove a British car in Spain for a couple of years and, whilst I didn't suffer any nasty incidents, it was hellishly inconvenient getting into car parks and passing the tolls.  I changed without any hassle whatsoever to an LHS and realised what I'd been missing!!

(Perhaps Goldey's just old and set in his ways....)

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05 Sep 2008 14:35 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4256 posts Send private message

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It is precisely because of all the small brained drivers here (maybe I'm one of them) that I believe in giving yourself every possible advantage on the roads. 
I also believe in trying to offer the best advice to other people on the forum. We are all entitled to our opinion, and it's that variety that makes an open forum like this so useful. It is my humble opinion that if you are going to live in a foreign country, you should do your best to adapt to the ways of that country wherever possible. In Spain, we drive on the right, and it is pretty obviously generally accepted that it is therefore advantageous to sit on the left hand side of the vehicle when driving.
But you are equally entitled to your opinion, and rest assured I am not losing any sleep over it. I get plenty of shut eye while driving around roundabouts the wrong way. For I am a driver of very little brain blah blah blah......



"First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure"

Mark Twain




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05 Sep 2008 14:54 by goldey Star rating. 16 posts Send private message

To old and set in my ways???? i'm only 35 but have been driving since 17 and an approved driving instructor (ADI) for 8 yrs.
I can drive a LHD just as well as RHD it's just that  me, myself and i  just prefer to sit on the right thats all.

By the way you couldn't give me a lift from the rose and crown could you as i've had a little to much bitter with my fish and chips.

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