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08 Apr 2008 00:00 by wvsreal Star rating in Alhaurin De La Torre. 4 posts Send private message

Good afternoon to you all,

After watching the recently filmed Holiday homes from hell alot of previous nightmares my husband and i have experienced came rushing back.

The programm was full of tragic stories for one reason or another but the one that stuck out more than any other was the older couple whom had purchased their property to watch it demolished before there own eyes.

11 years ago my husband and i came to Spain and were taken by the culture and knew this was the place for our family and i.

Both successfull business people in the UK we decided to tie the loose ends up and make the move after pruchasing a property, this move actually took place 5 years ago although we had owned our property for soem 11 years to date.

The nightmare began, we recollect the whole sinerio of the house purchase and were always a little amazed to here what we thought was our lawyer say everything is fine just 1 paper missing but that is not a problem. We found out our so called lawyer was infact only a legal advisor whom had a very large database of english clients and still practisese today and the one paper missing was the escritura for the property!!!

Other the time i was saddened for many reasons to have been mislead and lied to and for this reason built up and excellent relationship with two young highly qualified and legally registered lawyers in Alhaurin De L a Torre. Due to our own problems and having already having one buisness here for clinical negliegence i decided to go back to school for no better sence of the word and learn about the property market. We then opened WVS Real Estate spain a smalll family run business, it was not too long it bacame aparent that there were plenty of others in the same or a similar boat to ourselves, during there property purchase they had been lied to and misguided.

We started to build our dattabase but we soon had as many houses we were unable to sell as those which were no problems at all.

We have  clients whom cannot sell there properties for various reasons as well as those whom are financially unable to sell as they had been mislead during the purchase.

As a family run business we are very proud to offer a bespoke service as well as alot of free legal advice in conjunction with the same two young lawyers.

We have many clinets whom are happy to speak out about their own problems and we are now in the process of compiling a list of problems with properties here in Spain to forward to the Home from Hell team.

Should you feel that you may have been a victim like us please feel free to contact us you may email me personally and i will be happy to give you full contact details.

Please be aware that you may not even be aware you have a problem until you come to sell your property.

We do not charge for looking through your paperwork and the aim as it has always been is to help people.

Remember whne buying a property in Spain always remeber the three golden rules.

1. Have a good lawyer

2. Have a good lawyer

3. Have a good lawyer

That is not a legal advisor but someone whom is registered and there is always some redress, it is very important to also point out that not all estate agents and lawyers should be tarred with the same brush there are many of us whom are in the proffession with the correct ualifications and knowledge with one aim and that is to help.

Live the dream dont become a VICTIM like us, if i knew then what i know now i would be certainly financially better off.

We look forward to hearing from you and any comments or views you may have.


 Hayley and Roger Warner WVS REAL ESTATE SPAIN 

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