I'm spanish, maybe moving to Tenerife (various questions)

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26 Aug 2019 14:33 by Jeremiahxyz Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

I live in the UK and I might be moving to Tenerife with my mum. I was born there and I speak spanish but I've been living in the UK most of my life. 

I'm doing my own research as well as asking on here, but getting some answers on a forum might save me some time. I have a few questions, so if anyone can help with any of these I would appreciate it. 

* I would like to work from home, online. I already do this sporadically, and I have a business bank account in the UK, and I'm a sole trader. 

If I manage to do some work online over there, and set up a bank account there, could I just continue using my UK business account, be self employed in the UK, deal with HMRC as usual, and then pay myself into my spanish account? Would I be considered self employed over there? 

* Apart from working from home, I'd also like to work in the many bars and restaurants that are all around. I have experience, and I speak both languages, so I guess that gives me an advantage in terms of getting work (but that's just a hunch - is it true?). 

What I'd like to do is have a casual arrangement with many establishments, and work either whenever they need an extra pair of hands or when I want to work. Nothing set in stone. Is it realistic to expect it to be as casual and informal as that? 

* I know that it's easy to get an EHIC card, but what advantage do you really have by having one? Would it make any difference to me seeing as I'm spanish and I'd be living in my own country? Do I really need one? 

Also is there any equivalent of the NHS there? If not, how does healthcare work in Spain? 

* Are there any major differences between using banks and cash machines in Spain compared to the UK? 

* How so people pay for electicity, gas, water, etc? 

* How would I set up a landline and internet? 

* Stupid question : Are mobile phones and SIM cards the same all over the world? What I mean is, can I go to Spain with a UK iphone and a UK cheap phone, with their UK SIM cards, and use them as normal once I arrive? I heard that I would need a DNI to be able to buy a SIm card in Spain, but even if I have to do that, would the phones be ok to use? 

* There's something called empadronamiento. It's something that I would have to do when I arrive. It's to do with registering as living in Spain or something like that, I'm not entirely sure. if anyone knows about this, is this something I can do in the town hall? 

* Apart from the above, is there anything else I'd need to do to register my address? What if it's a temporary address (we'd be staying with my aunt at first)

* Where would I go to renew my passport? Town hall? Or is there some other place? 

* Would the number on my DNI card also be my NIF number? Or is this something I need to obtain separately? 

* Where can I get an offline map of Tenerife for my computer? 

If you think you can help with any of these questions, I'd be very grateful. Thanks. 

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