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05 Sep 2020 15:34:

Thanks for all your help, We have a place iear Villamartin Golf Course  we are about 6 miles from Torrevieja.yes there is Quarantine here is well we live here in West Cork beautiful beaches and country side but we can never go there because of the fog and rain most days here, so we go to spain for the cheap food, beautiful walks, and loads of vitamin D......

Thread: Is it safe to go to Spain.......

05 Sep 2020 12:35:

Hi There, My wife and I bought an Apartment in Spain in the Year 2000, we go there for a Month 3 times every Year since, just love the place we call it paradise, would like to get your opinion, because of Covid 19 is it safe to go there at the moment, wearing a face mask in 30C must be hell, and then when you come back home you must self isolate for 2 Weeks. the flight going out are only 30% full. Ryanair are flying from Dublin to Alicante for €5 amazing stuff......

Thread: Is it safe to go to Spain.......

05 Sep 2020 12:21:

Hi There, The cheapest cars in Spain are new one secondhand cars are expensive, I bought a new car in Spain in 2011 the road tax is only €50 a Year, full Comp insurance about €250 the cheapeat company is Linea Direct, to get Spainsh number plates is expensive enough I think but you could check that out. I polish my car cover it and put it into my underground garage and its so handy to have it, rental cars are cheap but when you add the Insurance they are expensive. There Is company I know and he will collect you at the Airport and drop you at your house for €15.00 hope this helps you to decide whats the best for you........

Thread: Taking and leaving a car in Spain

06 Apr 2019 15:58:

Hi Guys I see what you mean by your inserts below, but really when all is said and done the UK will be in a bad way if they get out, why is there a huge demand to get Irish passports,

Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos

06 Apr 2019 10:12:

I think a lot of people are sorry now for voting to leave the EU, if they really knew the trouble and pain it brought the would have voted to stay in. a real mess no answers to solve the problem, they say in the papers today that May will be gone before April is out....... she's a pity between them all........


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Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos


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