Is Ireland at risk of another banking crisis?

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03 Oct 2016 3:26 PM by ads Star rating. 4087 posts Send private message

A worrying report issued today suggesting that Ireland is at risk of another banking crisis because the country has failed to learn from the mistakes of the last financial crash a decade ago....with signs of toxic bank lending again.



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03 Oct 2016 4:11 PM by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1592 posts Send private message

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I don't think anyone has really learnt lessons from the early 2000s. The US banks are doing almost the same thing with no adequate regulation, other than the government continually fining foreign companies, the Germans have both Deutsch and Commerz Banks with massive problems due to their inability to correctly value bad assets, which is most certainly the same in Spain with banks property portfolios and the Italian system is also about to crumble.

Ahhh, happy days.

Cannot understand why the Euro continues to strengthen against the pound, it will end in tears somewhere.

FTSE still surging forward though, weaker pound good for our exporters no doubt.

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03 Oct 2016 7:29 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1902 posts Send private message

If Google paid the 18 Billion that the EU said they have to pay the Irish government,  that payment will be more than enough to bail all the Banks out in Southern Ireland😅.



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03 Oct 2016 11:36 PM by ads Star rating. 4087 posts Send private message

Is that realistic or just pure rhetoric from the EU?

Who was responsible for allowing the loopholes that Google have exploited in the first place?

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03 Oct 2016 11:57 PM by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1592 posts Send private message

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I think the EU decision was given against Apple but Google probably in the same boat.

So far the Irish have refused the deal, not surprising as all US companies would upsticks to Luxembourg which Mr Junckers would love.

If the Irish government did accept any of the award, most of it would have to be given back to the EU in return for the bailout and loans guaranteed to the Irish State, so no, much of it would not be available to bail out the banks, if indeed they need it.

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04 Oct 2016 9:37 AM by Destry Star rating in MYOB . 289 posts Send private message

When the PIGS economy based problems first occured I recall a UK TV reporter interviewing people in Dublin, the general consensus of opinion was that the UK would bail them out. This makes me think that they could be our portal into the EU post Brexit, as we currenty are for the USA. A few UK company head office relocations to the land of the leprechauns could be just the ticket.


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