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01 Oct 2016 14:29 by elraso Star rating. 38 posts Send private message

Can anyone explain the charges for prescriptions and the rules that govern this.We live in Guardamar del segura and come under Valencia. As from January2016 it was my understanding that prescription charges were abolished in Valencia for anyone with an income of less than 18,000 euros per annum. This was the case for my wife and myself who are both pensionistas. As of Jan 2016 until August2016 Neither of us were charged for prescriptions,then from August15th my wife has had to pay 10%, iam still exempt. Which considering we have been married 46 years seems to be strange . We have been shunted from Health Centre to the Social Security at least 2 or three times and then we finished up at the Guardamar Town Hall where every monday a lady comes from Alicante specifically to deal with Sip card problems. When asked what the citeria was for charging for prescriptions.she seemed unable to clarify adding she thought it was Earning related and plucked the figure 8,500 euros per annum out of the air. I then showed her our tax return Year ending may 2016 to prove that my wife only had her old age pension from the UK.  After consulting on the phone with Valancia ,she said wrong year need year ending May 2015. She then gave us a form to take with the correct Tax Year to our Health Centre that they send to Valencia. Has anyone else had this problem that comes under Valencia if so  i would appreciate your views. When i recieve an answer from Valencia i will post on here.

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01 Oct 2016 15:02 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

I live in Andalucia but I checked on line and came up with this for Jan to Dec 2016:--


This is quick, approximate translation of the part which appears relevant:-  

Requirements for lower payments  

a) Hold insured status with the National Health System (SNS) with an individual health card issued by the Health Department Public Salut i Universal and whose guarantor is the INSS.

b) To hold the status of Social Security pensioner.

c) ........    (pensioner with income less than 18,000 euros, will pay 10% contribution, up to  a maximum monthly limit of 8.23 euros).


Good luck, John

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01 Oct 2016 15:34 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1087 posts Send private message

In Andalucia I suppose that is the criteria. However, in Comunidad Valenciana it is not. Pensioners do not pay any contribution to prescriptions if earning under 18,000 euro a year before tax since 2nd January this year.

Unless they've suddenly reversed the decision taken at the beginning of this year then your wife should not be paying for prescriptions. I think income taxes are paid about this time of the year for your tax return covering 2015. Maybe a glitch in the return? 

I've just recently collected a prescription from the pharmacy and there was no charge. Hubby has to pay 10% as his income is over the 18,000 euro. 

Prescription Charges



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01 Oct 2016 15:46 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

Maridav,  it might have saved you posting, or at least what you said what you said would have been more relevant,  If you had checked my link.

I said I live in Andalucía (thus by implication it is different ) so I checked on line for Valencia,

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02 Oct 2016 19:50 by Elsietanner Star rating in Alicante & New York. 164 posts Send private message

Elsietanner´s avatar

I have a SIP card and at the moment I am 64. When I become 65 a state pensioner (UK) will the card and system automatically know this, or will I need an updated card. Will it be another trip somewhere to join a queue with deck chair, flask and sanwiches.


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02 Oct 2016 20:03 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

I have not seen this confirmed anywhere but it would seem it must be so.

I have never given any info re my income to the medical system but I do make a tax declaration every year.   I guess the income thus declared gets include in the computer system and thus the pharmacy knows what contribution I must pay towards my medication.

That being so, I wonder what happens to those who do not make a tax declaration  (even though in probably most cases they strickly should).  How would the system know how much contribution they must make for their medication ?


So if a person does not make declarations maybe they would be charged all the cost,  or a higher cost than may be required.


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This message was last edited by johnzx on 02/10/2016.

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02 Oct 2016 22:34 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1087 posts Send private message

If you look at my link on prescription charges (in English), it says if you haven't made a tax declaration there will be no indication of how much you will be charged. Pensioners will be given a blanket charge of  10% with no cap and under 65 will be charged 40%.

And elsietanner, the age of 65 does not matter. It is state pensionable age in your country of origin so if you have a SIP card on the basis of an S1 as a pensioner it will make no difference. It is only those who are beneficiaries under retirement age who need to change their status.

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