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18 Sep 2015 16:32 by Jaki54 Star rating in Darlington/La Tercia. 39 posts Send private message

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In Feb it was very cold on my first stay and the aircon/heating wouldn't work so an email to the President got a visit from a guy who after spending an hour up in the loft, got the heating working. I was so pleased that my daughter and I could be warm that I willingly paid the €175. Here I am back again in the September heat and no aircon, nooooooo. I asked the President if the aircon guy guarantees his work from Feb as I'm not prepared to pay out another exhorbitant amount. I was told not if there's a fault. Well it comes on cool for 30 seconds and then heats up! A neighbour has checked what I'm doing is right and it does the same for him. Oh yes and aircon guy was rang on Wed, its now Friday afternoon and I'm told he will be here Monday at 4pm, I'm livid !!! Does anyone else think I 've been ripped off? What would you do?


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18 Sep 2015 17:20 by acer Star rating. 1415 posts Send private message

Hi Jaki54,

Are you limited to using the Aircon guy nominated by the President?  Surely you want to be using a contractor that you choose to build up a relationship etc. if you can.

€175 seems a lot but you don't say what work was involved and if there were parts etc included.  It's obviously quite possible that the current failure is not connected to the repair undertaken in February, so I wouldn't judge too soon.  Possibly you have a gas leak - which is likely to be expensive.  The socialist government in Spain has introduced some horrendous tax increases on most gas installations which they see as being simply mere luxuries of the decadent rich!!! angry

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18 Sep 2015 19:09 by Jaki54 Star rating in Darlington/La Tercia. 39 posts Send private message

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Hi Acer

Well my Spanish is almost non existent (so far), so as other newcomers have done, I asked the English speakers, which happened to be the President who was doing some jobs for me. 

The handwritten bill says something like:
No caliente. Unidad Thermotechnic error E5
Tras revisar conexiones se lealize carja de gas de unidad climatizador.

R410 kg gas refrigerante 2 x 48.10
Mano de obe official 32.00
Despbzwiento ? 15.00
Total: 143.20
IVA 30.07
Grand total €173.27

I have to add that I'm single on a pension and not rich.

Thanks for the response.


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18 Sep 2015 19:30 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

Sounds like you have a gas leak and recharging should be easy but may not fix it

Also sounds like you have president on the take!

Find another aircon installer plenty of English speaking ones around look in free press and STAY AWAY from the president

Even a  new aircon can be installed approx. 400€

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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18 Sep 2015 21:01 by Jaki54 Star rating in Darlington/La Tercia. 39 posts Send private message

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Thanks for responding Tadd and WOW !


Can anyone recommend a good guy not far from La Tercia UGR please?


Workmen nearly always try to take advantage of me in the UK, being a lone female. Gets me SO angry.



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