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15 Sep 2015 17:32 by milliemilner Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hello. Ola. We have just moved to Mallorca. We found a proeprty to rent online, and like what we saw and paid the estate agent's fees that they quoted to us. We got the contract via email and got it translated and all was fine. On the day we moved in, 2 months later - the agents handed us another bill of 300 euros for IVA. Now whilst I am fully aware that IVA is a legal requirement, surely this should have been adde 2 months ago when we paid their bill, or surely the orginal bill should have said IVA NOT included and will be charged to you upon moving in? Can they do this or are they trying it on? It doesnt mention this either in the contract. The email clearly said their fees were 1400 euros, which we paid and no mention was made about the IVA, we assumed it was included at the time. 

Kind thanks


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15 Sep 2015 17:46 by Team GB Star rating. 1245 posts Send private message

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All profesional fees and commissions are plus IVA in Spain, I can understand why you are peeved though getting the additional bill. Maybe at first they thought you were paying in cash so they could just pocket the money and then you payed by bank transfer or by some other form that has created a record and now requires a invoice (factura)




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15 Sep 2015 19:46 by milliemilner Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi there. Thank you so much for the reply! Should they not have billed us though the IVA bill 2 months ago at the same time? other than that, loving the Mallorcan life (except the mosquitos!) 


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16 Sep 2015 18:27 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

understand why you are peeved

I would not pay it as it should have been on the original invoice - make them chase you for it as far you dare

typical of estate agents here in Sain 99.9% crooks and ALL are very dodgy geezers

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16 Sep 2015 19:08 by Hephaestus Star rating in The Peak District Na.... 1235 posts Send private message

In the UK a VAT registered company must charge out at the agreed charge plus VAT, I would be inclined to send a copy of the invoice to the IVA office.


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16 Sep 2015 19:18 by Team GB Star rating. 1245 posts Send private message

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Was the original amount payed covered by an official invoice though or just a scrappy receipt from a book bought from the nearest Chinese Bazaar, this is what we don't know.




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