Residents getting quotes for works in the community.

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07 Jun 2015 8:50 PM by technodec Star rating in Staffordshire &River.... 19 posts Send private message

Further to my previous thread I have now been elected President of the community which really surprised and upset the Spanish President who wanted to be re elected.

Needless to say I am getting quite a lot of bad feeling from this person and he is still trying to exert influence over some things that I am doing .

We have a swimming pool that has been out of use for over three years and he wanted to have it filled in and turned into a childrens playground but I managed to out vote him on this matter to the delight of numerous residents.


I got a company in to do tests and provide a quote for the repairs and the Admin company also got two other quotes for the same but now the exPresident brought another company into the community to give another quote.

My question is this, is he legally allowed to do this now that he is now no longer President?

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07 Jun 2015 9:58 PM by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1594 posts Send private message

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Congratulations or maybe commiserations on being elected President, it is always reassuring to hear that the old fashioned Spanish attitude of doing as little as possible can be challenged correctly.


There is nothing to stop a resident getting a quote for any project but this needs to be supplied to the Administrator who along with the current President are entitled to make any final decisions based quite correctly on a number of competitive quotes bearing in mind, the cheapest may not always be the best.

The Administrator may well have a preference, but not necessarily be for the correct reasons though you are expected to listen to their advice.

As President though you carry the final decision and hopefully you would carry enough support if ever questioned, but be prepared to be shot down in flames IF things do go wrong.

Damned if you do, damned if you dont, comes to mind.

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08 Jun 2015 10:14 AM by hosilverlining Star rating in Property owner in Gr.... 173 posts Send private message

A resident in our community commissioned some repair work to community property without consulting the president. The president didn't authorise payment of the bill.  As long as your administrator is sufficiently current with the law and you are confident that he is following your instructions, just make sure that nothing is paid without your confirmation and as hugh_man says make sure all quotes for work are seen by the administrator and yourself. It's your decision as long as you can back it up when it comes to the next AGM.

You could of course try to build bridges by talking to the ex president and trying to establish a relationship which makes him feel that he is giving you the benefit of his great knowledge of community business, i.e. keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

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