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24 Mar 2017 1:27 PM:

Hello Frank,

Before you consider a mortgage, make sure you obtain competent advice about Spanish mortgage law, which is completely different to UK law.  Any changes to a mortgage can be very costly, because they have to be noted at the land registry, so if your situation changes in the next few years you may find it difficult or costly to make adjustments to your mortgage.  Details of your mortgage are included in the deed of purchase so it's never as simple as negotiating with your bank.  Do it if it works for you, but make sure you know exactly what your rights are over the full length of the mortgage term, and what terms and conditions you are signing up for.  For example I have known it cost 1100 euros to make an amendment to the mortgage.

Best wishes.


Thread: Late starter for a Spanish mortgage

28 May 2016 2:41 PM:

If you buy it knowing that it is on rustic land, and want to spend the time and money to try to get it legalised, bear in mind that if it does all go wrong you can't claim that you bought it 'in good faith' not knowing that there was a problem.  We own an illegal property, which was bought in good faith, and it's no fun. 

Just don't. Find something that's legal.

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29 Apr 2016 9:00 PM:

Very likely to be cheaper to go to Spain, especially if you can get a cheap flight.  The power of attorney will only be in Spanish, so you will need a translator with you (doesn't need to be a professional, anyone who can translate the document so that the notary is sure that you know what you are signing).  If your solicitor speaks decent English, he may go with you to the notary and translate for you, our lawyer in Marbella did this, we popped around the corner to a notary with him, it was all done in a few minutes.

The costs of signing in the UK add up, as stated by VAO, and will also include translation costs as you need to have a double column document with the PoA in Spanish with English translation in the second column. 

I hope this helps.


Thread: power of attorney

28 Apr 2016 7:15 PM:

Hi Milly,

No there was no charge, make sure you specify that it is for Spain then you will get it in English, with a Spanish translation.

HMRC check your tax status, and if you have a tax record in the UK which indicates that you are paying tax through the normal channels (PAYE etc) they can certify that 'to the best of knowledge' you are resident in the UK for tax purposes.  I don't see how the British Embassy can do this type of check.

We still have to pay our bank every two years for non-residency checks, on alternate years they are satisfied with this document from HMRC.  I haven't had time to check it out fully, but think that the bank has to do their own checks every two years. 

Good luck.




Thread: Proof of uk residency required...bank says info required from British embassy?

28 Apr 2016 5:28 PM:

You can apply online at HMRC for a certificate of tax residency in the UK which they provide with a spanish translation. Very straightforward and has done the job for us with our Spanish bank.




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Thread: Proof of uk residency required...bank says info required from British embassy?


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