Butano/Propano gas installation inspections

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02 May 2015 3:16 PM by Nels Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Can anyone advise on these regulations,and where can we find a competent honest inspector, Fontenario/Plumber. living in Alicante/ Campello area. if so please indicate what the cost is likely to be. Thanks.

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02 May 2015 4:12 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1883 posts Send private message

Try the company that supplies you're gas.

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02 May 2015 8:54 PM by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1406 posts Send private message

The gas inspection by Repsol is 65 euros every 5 years 

Don't  know about Cepsa.

These are the two main companies.

you need to contact them yourself.

don''t allow people who turn up at your gate purporting to be from Repsol etc, they may wear the uniform, have correctly headed papers, band indeed be qualified gas inspectors, but may rip you off, big time.

check the dates on the gas piping, and renew them yourself.

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02 May 2015 11:42 PM by Sten46 Star rating in Hatton, Derbyshire &.... 243 posts Send private message

There will be a Repsol shop/agent in Alicante - don't know about Cepsa - you could try asking at one of the places where they sell the silver gas bottles?

Reinforce what Camposol says - you call them, they DO NOT just turn up on the doorstep, or indeed, contact you beforehand! Beware, there have been several scammers around in the last coulpe of years, preying on vulnerable Brits!




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07 May 2015 4:21 PM by amogles Star rating in El Campello (holiday.... 174 posts Send private message

I guess most towns have a Repsol office.

We have one here on the main street of Campello.

I went there actually to get an additional bottle, thinking this was an easy thing. But then they said the inspection hadn't been done for a long time so I had to get that done as well, and they also re-registered the contract in my name (it was still in the name of the owner who lived there before the previous one). But all this documentation could be changed fairly efficiently and without any snags. I had to show them my NIE number and passport. They asked for no further documentation.

The inspector came the next day and changed the rubber tube that connects the gas flask to the burner. Everything else was OK apparently. He didn't take very long so i don't think the inspection was very thorough, but I guess these inspectors know what to look out for.

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