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20 Apr 2022 5:11 PM:

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

On arriving at Alicante everything was OK. There was a bit of a queue and a jostle as they checked QR codes but they did it efficiently and the queue moved quickly. My QR code scanned on the first attempt and I was waved through, but my wife's didn't scan for some reason (even though we had filled in our forms at the same time) so they asked to see the original certificate and were fine with that.

On the way back there were no checks whatsoever.


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This message was last edited by amogles on 4/20/2022.
Thread: Recent airport experiences

20 Apr 2022 5:05 PM:

Last time I was tested the lady in the clinic didn't want to see my ID because she "believed me" that that was my real name.

I can see lots of space for abusing the system here. The value of tests is thus diminished.

Thread: COVID 19 Testing

28 Mar 2022 3:46 PM:


Has anybody any recent experiences on arriving at Alicante airport.

I haven't been for a while but when I was there (about a years ago) they were being quite pedantic and slow at checking everybody's COVID certification which meant, being one of the last people off the plane, I came within a hair's breadth of missing the last bus.

Are they still doing that or have they become more efficient?

Thread: Recent airport experiences

18 Jan 2022 3:42 PM:

Same here. We're not on the sewer because we have a septic tank and the costs of connecting to the sewer are pretty high because it's at the wrong end of our plot and we woild have to pump it uphill.

But the sewer is there so we pay for it.

Maybe one day we will connect to the sewer as the septic tank is showing signs of age and is also in the way of other plans we have. But we will deal with that when we get there.

Thread: Eye Watering Agua Factura AMJASA Javea

26 Sep 2019 2:46 PM:

I don't think the idea is that far off.

After a long recession in the real estate business, Spain is clearly once again building. I see new houses going up everywhere. 5 years ago or so I could call any builder in my area and he would offer to start work the very next morning. There was so little work for them to do. These days they have much more work and you need to wait a long time. So I think there is sufficient work if you know how to market your services.

The builders who did all the work around my house are all Spanish and I manage to explain what I want in Spanish. But I can definitely see a market for builders who speak English. Although they should ideally speak Spanish too as they need to talk to all sorts of people and file the paperwork


Thread: Builder looking for work


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