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12 Dec 2015 11:00:

I have been a customer of Movistar for approx 12 yrs, a few days ago (8th Dec) I received a letter informing me that my monthly costs for ADSL (getting approx 2.5) mgs although I pay for up to 10 mgs.!  and use of telephone, would be increased from 44.euros to 48 euros. with effect from 1st Jan 2016.  If I do not change to another supplier by then, they will assume that I wish to remain with  Movistar with a contract for 12 mths !

I checked with alternative suppliers and was told that to change could take up to three weeks, (By which time my contract with Movistar would be in force) I went back to Movistar saying that I wished to change, they informed me that they do not need my signature to enforce the contract, and they know it wil be impossible to complete all the paperwork before the deadline.

I asked to speak to a supervisor to complain further, I was given a number to which there was no reply and after 5 mins the line went dead.


So it seems that in this 'democratic' country of Spain, a client has no rights !!!






29 Nov 2015 17:43:

I certainly seem to have created interest in my comments, they were designed to promote a healthy exchange of views.

One point seemed to 'ring out loud and clear' those who seem to wish to deny ex pats the vote in their OWN future,

I thought that the EC (including Britain) was a democracy !  Why then deny votes to those who live within the democracy, and wish to exercise their RIGHTS ?  Surely not deny individuals because they might vote differently to one's own views?

The British Government have reserved the right to tax my civil service pension, despite my registration in Spain for tax, I have no power to change that, surely this means that the UK wants me, and therefore have my best interest at heart, so why not let me vote on my own future?  As long as there is no time limit for tax can be taken, there should be NO time limit imposed against me for voting.

Another observation possibly overlooked, should the vote  for 'coming out' of th EC be successful, what provision has or will be made for the potential TOTAL return of ex pats to the UK, have they considered the effect upon the NHS, the SOCIAL services, Possible benefits payments, and of course housing' Or are we to be denied re entry, despite having a British passport??



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Thread: UK EEC Referendum

25 Nov 2015 10:59:

In the forthcoming referedum on UK membership of the EEC, we are told that ex pats who have lived abroad for less that 15 yrs can have a vote. Over that NO CHANCE. To vote they must register on the electoral role where they lived previously in the UK, BUT the problem is the paperwork is sent out to the voter approx one week prior to voting, with no chance of returning before the deadline for voting in the UK!!! (this happened in the last UK general election.)

If the referendum goes against us, then several things could happen, 

1. Our National Health cover here in Spain is stopped !

2. Our State pensions would be 'frozen' as in Australia.

3. We might be expected to take Spanish Nationality to avoid some problems, thereby some getting problems with inheritance tax.

4. We could be asked to pay a 'lump sum' to Spain,in advance to cover our health and social care because the UK at present pays for us, if I believe, we are retired, and over 65. Few could afford that!

Because ALL ex pats will in some way be effected would it be a good idea to make our feelings known in the following way?


I suggest INDIVIDUAL letters / e mails (facility on prime ministers web site) to be sent to 10 Downing street, (I did this with a recent TAX problem and Cameron's office dealt with it immediately and quickly) 

I suggest that members, state, and request that if the referendum goes against the Ex pats here in the EEC, that at least the status quo be kept as regards to those already here, and that changes only apply to those 'future' ex pats who can consider these points before they commit to ex pat life.

This would seem to be the kindest way to treat ex pat pensioners.



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Thread: UK EEC Referendum

28 Aug 2015 10:01:

Can anyone please advise?   Can charges be placed upon a property without the knowledge of the owner?


Many thanks.

Thread: charges on property

02 May 2015 16:39:

My thoughts on the assets decreased situation are simply keep ALL paperwork relating to it's disposal, dates etc., and not bother to declare it's closure. If at some future date, or if as I believe, governments get their departments together, any questions asked by them can be suitably dealt with. I must say however, that should you change an account number due to a revised investment of an 'old' asset (in the same company) then the details can be given by 'normal' declaration when we make our annual returns. This I think should surely satisfy the Hacienda. If you find an honest Gestor then you could ask for their opinion, but not forgetting they are always looking for business.

With regard to increases 20k (I think,) if you have a joint account the figure of 20k applies for both of you, not each. 

Thread: It's that 720 time again!


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