Has any one had the new digi boxes put in to regain English channels?

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29 Aug 2014 10:13 by TrudyAnthony Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi I have a holiday home in Nerja Spain,I have a few channels left,but as i had my daughter with me she wanted to watch some tv.
I have no internet there so called a company in to see how much it would be to get back my channels.
I have 2 satellite dishes as I have a apartment upstairs,1 is very large 1.8 I think the other one is smaller.
They could realign satellite large dish for down stairs and put in a new box.
Upstairs would also need new digi box.
Cost for down stairs 280euros with box for upstairs extra 100 euros total 380euros!
Has any body had this fitted?
Can I buy the boxes else where and put them in myself ?

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29 Aug 2014 11:55 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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I can't see how a new box will pull in the channels. Any freesat or Sky box able to get the free to air channels would do. The important thing in your area is the size of dish and correct alignment. A realignment should cost around 50 to 70 euro and even a Humax (one of the best) freesat boxes can be bought from Amazon for about £90.

Looking at some chat sites for your area, even a 1.8m dish doesn't seem enough with some even saying they get no signal on a 2.4m dish. I would be very wary of a company that offers to supply a new freesat box to get the channels, especially at those prices (the 100€ sounds about right, though).

Unless they are talking of an internet box in which case your internet speed would be the deciding factor.

I would talk to your neighbours and see if the size dish you have is feasible.


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29 Aug 2014 11:58 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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I could be totally wrong here but my first impression is that you are being taken for a ride... Why would you need new boxes? All that is needed so far as I am aware is a simple realignment of the larger dish and a new twin feed LNB, one feed to the existing upstairs box, the other to the downstairs box.





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29 Aug 2014 12:12 by windtalker Star rating. 1698 posts Send private message

All you require is a dish realignment any installer will do this but befor you do this go into the menu system and rescan for new channels if that does not work call the installer in .

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30 Aug 2014 09:21 by satandpcguy Star rating in Gandia, Valencia. 399 posts Send private message

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If you want the main UK TV via satellite where you are then you have two choices:

to get the free, unencrypted, and all the main UK TV channels, from the official Astra 2 UK TV satellites,using a Sky or Freesat box, then you need a very very large dish, and no new boxes.

Simply realigning your current dishes will not help, as even you 1.8m dish is simply way too small to  receive the signals from the offical satellites.


Or you go for the illegal way,  which involves realigning your dish to the intelsat 907 satellite, and requires new boxes, as it involves illegally hacking into encrpyted, non public "freeview" feeds, which do NOT carry alll the UK chanels (all the main BBC chanels with no regional variations, ITV1HD, C4HD). YOu will not get ITV2,3,4, e4, m4, film4 or any other UK TV chanenls from this system. http://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/intelsat_907_uk_tv_channels.php . Not too sure why you are being charges 280 for one box and 100 for a second box, boxes are available that do this for 100-150 euros (they are not Sky or Freesat boxes, but other boxes that are "patched" to enable these feeds to be hacked) . But if you do go for this system, make sure you get it written down that they will provide the code updates FOC whenever they are updated. And if they do not mention that codes can change at any time, or that this system involves illegally hacking into an encrtypted system, then reconsider using them, as they are not being totally truthful about the system.



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