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The Comments
02 Apr 2013 12:05 PM by johnfrith Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

I started a new thread on 1st April, in which I recorded a bad experience with a lawyer who advertises prominently on this website. The post was censored, and the moderator indicated that this was due to forum policy.

As others have pointed out, the only difference between my post and other similar (but uncensored) posts is the prominence of the person mentioned.

I do not understand why:

- my post was singled out

- the thread was blocked to new posts, despite having being censored "to conform with forum policy"

- my request for advice on how to make a complaint to any body that oversees the legal profession in Spain was censored. Is asking for advice not 'forum policy'?


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02 Apr 2013 12:34 PM by Mungry Star rating. 329 posts Send private message

she contributes a lot

you dont

this is a private forum to sell advertising space.

so they will edit your whining posts out because she contributes more than you.

so basically you need to get the hint to make like a tree

and get out of here


i coldnt stay away from you miserable whining whingers for some reason

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02 Apr 2013 12:39 PM by clarice Star rating. 35 posts Send private message

 Although I have no personal interest or axe to grind here I suppose what the poster has said is fair comment. to close a thread looks suspicious even if this was not the intention of the moderator. Most businesses do mess up from time to time, most businesses realise they are not perfect and mistakes happen , sensible businesses apologise for the error and look to how they can avoid the problem from  repeating itself . I honestly think you would be hard pressed to find any business who can please all of the people all of the time  .

All companies in Spain have a complaints proceedure set down in law and I am sure if   the poster asks to have his complaint registered it would be dealt with . 

The forum must always be independant of advertiser favoritism   as it creates a atmosphere of suspicion and distrust  among posters .

Perhapes  the forum rules could be on the home page of the site clear to read  for all 

Certainly if company names are to be removed lets see them all removed   not just the  chosen few .







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02 Apr 2013 5:39 PM by eos_moderators Star rating in España. 171 posts Send private message

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 John we have sent you a private message.

Just to clear things up, it is ok to talk about companies and complain and tell your negative and positive experiences, of course this is a forum. But there is a difference between telling your story and letting other people reach their conclusions and directly writing a post that encourages people away from a business, ie "I highly recommend that no one uses this company". If you just limit yourself to telling your story we are sure the readers can work that out by themselves, if they believe or share your views. This is the difference between a thread that complains about a business and a thread that attacks a business. Which is why some threads are left and others are intervened. We try to intervene as little as possible and when we do we always try to make sure that what we edit does not take away from the real content of the post so it is not really censored. So it is not a question of a chosen few but a few that have decided to attack rather than just share their story. The thread was locked temporarily as it had turned into a thread on how the forum is edited and no one stopped to answer the OP's original question. It has now been unlocked with the hope that his question will be answered. When writing a post or a thread that talks about a company please limit yourselves to telling your experience, try to avoid actively attacking the company or person or persuading people away from the company as we can be held responsable and may have to intervene in the thread. Keep your anger at bay. 

As this thread is a continuation of the last one it will be locked as the original thread has now been reopened.


Thank you.

EOS Moderators
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This thread is currently locked.

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