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06 Jan 2013 09:39 by smuudge Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hello everyone. We are in the process of selling our apartment and hoping to upgrade to a villa. A few of our first choices have suitable gardens for a swimming pool but we have no idea on costs. Can anyone give me a cost guide on building a small swimming pool say 4m x 3m? And also approx running costs? We are based in La Duquesa near Estepona if that had any baring on costs/procedures. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ben.

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06 Jan 2013 09:58 by eggcup Star rating. 567 posts Send private message

We've had a few pools built over the years and for a size 8 metres by 4 metres (not sure about smaller ones; maybe two thirds the price of the larger ones - you still need the pump etc), we've tended to pay around 8,000 euros.  We've done it on a daily rate with people we trust, and on a quote and it's worked out similar both times.  I would have thought in an area like Estepona the quotes will come in higher than they did for us.  We know people who paid 17,000 euros for a new pool at the same time that we paid 7,000, so get plenty of quotes.  In terms of running costs,  I don't pay a lot of attention.  You have to take into account electricity (all I notice is that the bills are higher in the summer at just under 100 euros a month, where they can be much lower in the winter), pool chemicals can come to nearly 100 euros a month when the pool is up and running (we keep it covered over the winter) and also there is the cost of someone coming to clean it.  We pay 8 euros an hour for someone to clean it once a day when it's in use.  Hope that's helpful. 


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06 Jan 2013 12:29 by Team GB Star rating. 1245 posts Send private message

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Before you do anything make sure you can/do get a building license - don't take the builders word for it, make sure you see the application go in and follow its progress until it's issued




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06 Jan 2013 17:57 by kathyslad Star rating. 329 posts Send private message

"pool chemicals can come to nearly 100 euros a month when the pool is up and running (we keep it covered over the winter) and also there is the cost of someone coming to clean it. We pay 8 euros an hour for someone to clean it once a day when it's in use."

I clean my own pool, and I would normally expect to pay a € 100 a year ( not a month) for the pool chemicals I use. Where we live ( North Costa Blanca) they charge around €60-€70 a month to clean.

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06 Jan 2013 19:32 by the doc Star rating. 30 posts Send private message

 I would be inclined to make the pool a bit  longer if you can and also  I think that 1.2 metres is sufficient for the deep end. I would also consider including an overflow pipe to cater for your vacant winter periods and an automatic filling system for the summer.

The running costs can be kept to a minimum by cleaning the pool yourself and the amount of chemicals used would be based on the amount of use  of the pool.  As Kathyslad said in a previous post the cost of chemicals is not as expensive as you would imagine .

If you want a gardener / pool maintenance man for the periods that you are not at the villa .

Some people offer a service of very basic maintenance for the period that you are away and a clean up of the garden and pool just before you arrive back.  This would involve a quick check each week and then a good clean before you arrive  for about 120 euros for 8 weeks

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06 Jan 2013 20:09 by GuyT Star rating. 496 posts Send private message

M key advice on siting a pool is try and keep it away from any trees that shed leaves. What looks idyllic and shady in summer becomes a non stop pain in neck when you go out every morning and see the surface covered in leaves and the weir blocked. The leaves will also throw out your PH. I've never needed anyone to clean or maintain my pools - even in Johannesburg with a full time garden boy. What's to clean? Don't be niggardly with chemicals or electricity....and a Kreepy Krauly will do the rest. 

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