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03 Oct 2012 18:54 by skippy Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi Guys,


First post on here but have been following the site for some time - grerat site..

My case against Polaris world for return of deposit for an appartment on Terazes de la Torre has been on ongoing for some time and the preliminary hearing is due to be heard in the next few weeks.


I just wondered if anyone out there has had or heard of any recent success stories against them?

I'm in good hands, with Maria and her team behind me!

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04 Oct 2012 20:20 by BOO98 Star rating. 5 posts Send private message


We also have a ongoing case against PW and also being represented by Maria. I appeared in person at San Javier appeal court in may this year, on the advice of a UK Barrister.  My case is for the refund of my deposit due to me not being able to meet the first notory date due to a illness to a family member whom needed 24/7 care. I immediately informed PW that I could not meet this date( with proof in emails sent between myself and PW) ,only to be told 2 weeks later that they had terminated my contract and that they were keeping all monies!! In court PW told nothing but lies with no proof to back any of their claims , they claimed I am an investor and only out to make money!!! which I am not. I lost the case in the first instance and I am now awaiting a new date for appeal. I really wish you all the luck in the world to get what is rightfully yours from the sly greedy gang of bandits.     


Ian Brierly


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04 Oct 2012 22:13 by skippy Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi Ian

Sorry to hear what happened last time round at the trial - hopefully justice will be done.
I was refused a mortgage on the basis I had other properties in the UK and would be a risk even though all deposits were paid etc. Polaris have a clause in their contracts that say they will keep all deposits is what we are fighting against and of course lack of facilities, false advertising etc etc. let's hope we just get what we are going for and nothing less.
They are great to deal with as long as they are the ones pulling the strings!
Time will tell.
Hope some people out there have won their personal battle against Goliath.


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05 Feb 2013 14:48 by simonet68 Star rating. 6 posts Send private message



Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm not trying to Spam this post or anything I hasten to add it's just that I work for a company called CPC Worldwide Ltd.

My name's Simon and CPC Worldwide Ltd  is the company, we help throughout the UK and Europe.

It seems that we're able to help in a lot of instances and I spoke to my boss and anyone who gives us a ring and quotes the complaints board we are prepared to give you guys a free no obligation consultation...

I've been looking at the mess some of the people are in and it quite simply infuriates me.

It's our job to solve problems abroad and I think that there's a lot of members on here that we can help.

The company was formed out of being disgusted at the way some people have been treated in the past and how so many people feel lost in a minefield.

We spend everyday campaigning for clients and helping in any way we can. if anyone wants to ring us you're more than welcome to just have a chat because I can imagine a lot of people are really upset. 01913862487.

I truly hope we can help some of you.



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