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30 Sep 2012 22:24 by nicbax Star rating in Fuengirola. 189 posts Send private message

I refer of course to that of a driving instructor. First and foremost the pupil must learn to drive as close as possible to the car in front and never let another car into their line of traffic. When approaching even the slightest  bend in the road brakes must be applied as though

doing an emergency stop. It should be mentioned that an emergency stop in this country is when a spanish driver hits a stationary car.

There is an advanced driving course which necesitates a driver; normally a young female driving whilst speaking on her mobile phone

and looking directly at which ever of her passengers is talking to her. This is intersperced with her checking her make-up and hair in the rear view mirror.

Young males must at all times drive with their left arm dangling out of their cars open window and again must look at their passengers whilst speaking [ rude not to ]

Giving way on a roundabout is a sign of weakness as all spanish drivers have the right of way on any peice of road upon which they are driving and road signs have been painted/erected simply to give work to thousands of the population.

I have applied for the job but apparently my attitude to driving is totally unacceptable to the spanish ministry of trransport.


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