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04 Oct 2012 20:20:


We also have a ongoing case against PW and also being represented by Maria. I appeared in person at San Javier appeal court in may this year, on the advice of a UK Barrister.  My case is for the refund of my deposit due to me not being able to meet the first notory date due to a illness to a family member whom needed 24/7 care. I immediately informed PW that I could not meet this date( with proof in emails sent between myself and PW) ,only to be told 2 weeks later that they had terminated my contract and that they were keeping all monies!! In court PW told nothing but lies with no proof to back any of their claims , they claimed I am an investor and only out to make money!!! which I am not. I lost the case in the first instance and I am now awaiting a new date for appeal. I really wish you all the luck in the world to get what is rightfully yours from the sly greedy gang of bandits.     


Ian Brierly


Thread: Polaris World

10 May 2012 21:05:

Congratulations on getting what is rightfully yours!!!!     We have a pending court case against PolarisWorld 30th May so really pleased to hear you got justice.

Ian Brierly

Thread: Costaluz, Maria L. de Castro did it again!

27 Mar 2012 21:10:

Fantastic news Curtis!!!

We are in court the end of May against PW hope to get the same rightful result.   Well done Maria and team.

Regards Ian Brierly

Thread: Return of deposit

08 Mar 2012 20:37:

Hi JR7

We purchased the property from PW back in 2006,  upon our payment of the deposit we repeatedly requested BGs to which they kept telling us they would send and never did.  The completion was around 8 months late  which we expected and where ok with as this is normal for a spanish builder.  PW sent us a notory date for completion for the end of March 2009,  we informed Rachel (our completion contact) that we could not meet that date due to my grandfather being seriously ill and my Father whom I was purchasing the property with was his main carer, and asked if they could move the date back a few months as my grandfather wasnt expected to last much longer (And he didnt, he sadly passed away a short while later).  Rachel told me that this was not a problem and she would send us a new date (she never did) I sent over 50 emails (to which i still have copies of) to PW completions department as ringing them was a complete waste of time. We wanted for someone to clarify that this was ok (not one reply) by the end of April we had received a cancellation notice from PW telling us they where keeping our deposit (54000 euros) due to us not meeting the notory date.  They also had the cheek to say that they had made fruitless attempts to contact us (complete lie, it was us that had made fruitless attempts to contact them). Not untill I win the Lottery could I afford to walk away from that amount of money and even then to have 54000 euros stolen from you by a so called major development company in Spain would be seriously wrong and unjust.  We went with a big company like PW in the first place so that this would not happen.

So here we are 2012 still 54000 euros out of pocket and no dream home in the sun, we requested Maria from Costaluz to claim our funds back from Polaris World  and have a hearing due to take place next week.

Regards Ian Brierly





Thread: Polaris world

18 Feb 2012 13:15:

Congratulations.. Great news...

We are currently pursuing Polaris World for the return of our deposit on a property on Terrazas De La Torre.  Could you please tell us what grounds you won your case on?.

Many Thanks Ian Brierly

Thread: Polaris world


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