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24 Jul 2020 5:55 PM:

Dear Maria,

We would just like to thank you and your colleagues for all your hard work and doggidly pursuing our claim.

We are very happy with the explanations from your UK colleague Keith who is invaluable with the language barrier.

You provide an excellent service, being helpful throughout the procedure, which has involved our attendance at two Spanish Court cases.

We would not hesitate to highly recommend your law firm.  

Thread: Thank You to Costaluz Lawyers.

20 Mar 2018 10:52 AM:

Many messages have included this phrase which has become a stumbling block for obtaining the interest from the time of the deposits.

 "there has still not been a formal declaration of doctrine by theSupreme Court"  

Excuse my ignorance of Spanish Law but how do we get the ball rolling for the S.C. to make a decision ? 

Can anyone explain how, in practice, this problem can be resolved ?

Thread: Costa Luz Lawyers

07 Dec 2017 3:14 PM:

My money was paid  to my first Spanish Lawyer who in turn paid it into two separate Banks which I assume means two separate accounts.

I am not refering to the interest ? That is another story.... In 2009 I took my Developer to Court and won the case unfortunately the Developer went into liquidation and I did not receive a penny, however during our latest Court case in 2017 the bank pointed out that when I went to court in 2009, my second Spanish Lawyer had inserted a clause in the claim (without my knowledge) that I did not require any interest, and therefore I should not be allowed to claim any interest in this case ?

Needless to say the Bank has appealled so I have another two years to await the Court case which will make it 15 years since I handed over my money.

Thread: San Jose into liquidation.

07 Dec 2017 10:05 AM:

If you are not awarded your costs by the Judge at the Final Hearing, due to only being awarded 80% of your claim, as another bank had received the remaining 20%. Even though the Bank that received the 80% was also a Guarantor.

If you then appeal and the 3 Judges agree that the bank who had received 80% of your deposits was also a Bank Guarantor and you win your case, is this sufficient "good argument" to appeal for the thousands of euros involved in the costs of the Final Hearing ?


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Thread: San Jose into liquidation.

28 Nov 2017 2:10 PM:

No doubt case law is very good, however as long as the banks appeal for every minor point, the poor buyer is left out of pocket by not being awarded the costs, plus the buyer will then have to wait for another 2 years for the appeal to be heard. 

Thread: San Jose into liquidation.


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