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28 Jun 2012 12:32 PM by sjrw Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

We lived in Spain. We bought a car - a Ka. Had no problems with it or the roads or the other drivers.

We sold our house in Spain. We are no longer on the Padrón in our village.

How does that affect the car tax?
How does that affect the insurance?
Can we sell the car without paid up car tax?

Help please. We are in the dark and cannot find out anything from anywhere...

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28 Jun 2012 2:37 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

Before a vehicle can be transferred to another person the circulation tax (road tax) has to be paid.

Speak to your issuance broker but I almost certain that not being on the Padron will make no difference


But when you sell it make sure you are signed off as the owner or any problems. Fines etc,  will come back to you.


 Best to do it using a Gestor.

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25 Aug 2012 9:04 PM by howee Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

I bought a car from an english guy in april this year. Went through an assessor and everything appeared fine. The english guy told me that he was expecting the road tax bill any time and sure enough he phoned me to tell me that he had recived the bill. Meanwhile we got the new documents in my name. Forgot about the road tax until august when the english guy phoned me to tell em he'd received another road tax bill but with a fine added for late payment. We got together and I went to the local officina de recaudacion and sure enough they told me that there was an outstanding road tax bill for this english guy - nothing for me. I showed him my new car transfer documents and he said - see the assessor. I did and he explained the procedure  which is:

whoever owns the car on jan 1st of each year is responsible for taxing the car that year - the local ayuntamiento sets the rate. Just because the bill was generated in may and I had aquired the car by then doesnt change the law - the english guy was responsible for the payment.

I told the guy and he checked with his own gestoria and same story. We shared the costs and put it down to experience.


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