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26 Jun 2012 10:27 AM by bodyworker Star rating in By the Mar menor. 34 posts Send private message



I have been with Movistar for 9yrs, and have been happy with the coverage etc.  But I am now considering changing to Hits.

What is your experience of it and how do you rate it with coverage in the los alcazares- valle del sol-murcia region in general?

I may use the internet on the odd occasion what's it like and is it expensive?

Is there a minimum top up amount?


Many thanks in anticipation

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26 Jun 2012 11:07 AM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 639 posts Send private message

 Hi There

I ported my Movistar Mobile Phone no over to HITS with no problems.They Help centre is English Speaking. Voicemail in not Totally in English but one can get a User Guide which explains what to do. I have had no problems with maling,receiving and sending and receiving SMSES. I unfortunately have not used their Internet Service.So do not know what that is like. Minimum Top up at Barclays ATM's is Euros5.00. You can top up on the Internet of Mobile Telephone shops as well. Hits will give you a list if you Email them.

Here is the Link to their Website


Hope this helps






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26 Jun 2012 11:33 AM by cbrammeld Star rating. 172 posts Send private message

I am also looking at using Hits Mobile when in Spain. I am told they use the vodaphone network so a check online will let you know the coverage. The cost is 5 euros top up every 3 months to have the line fully functional all the time. If you don't top up you can not phone out but still receive calls.
Its always worth remembering you have to add iva to costs of calls, unlike UK where its included in the price quoted.
They do appear to have one of the best deals for prepaid phones in Spain.

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26 Jun 2012 1:44 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

My wife and I have beeen with Hits Mobile (though Teletec) for several years.  We we call each other its 15c conection fee.   With Vodafone that was 73c for the first minute. To call anyone else is 15c plus 9 c per min.  And for me the great thing is one can check online to see details of the calls made and the cost. We usually top up at a local mobil shop but sometimes on the phone or internet too.

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27 Jun 2012 11:19 PM by nuflow7 Star rating in Solihull/Vera Playa. 138 posts Send private message

We recently "moved" over to Hits.

Each time you ring their customer services you have to pay the connection charge - although the call is free (which I think may be the same as other providers).

It is cheap for calls and texts (and unlike Movistar,) when you buy the SIM you have instant access to ring/SMS the UK!  We did comparison with our Movistar landline and the Hits Planet tariff worked out cheaper, even with the connection charges.  They have a number of plans available to choose from.

I would say that their user guide is quite basic and I've had to email their customer services a number of times due to problems but they are quick to respond ie within 24 hours, so pleased with that free service.

I arranged to go on their plan with 3€ internet fee for the first 100mb, then found I couldn't send/receive my hotmail emails into my Blackberry and other services that come via the BIS - Hits advised me they don't as yet, have  BIS.   Something they didn't tell me when I told them I had a blackberry.

Basically I've now paid for their internet service for which I can get no more than I could before on my house wifi or the free "out and about" wifi's.


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22 Oct 2013 3:09 PM by kbr88 Star rating. 27 posts Send private message

I wouldn't use HITS mobile. I subscribed to HITS and had difficulty connecting to the Internet. I followed their instructions for troubleshooting and the net result was that their process corrupted by SIM card. I called their customer service and told me I should go to a HITS dealer in Marbella (there are only 3 of them) to verify the problem. And, in any case, I would have to buy another microSIM from their distributor since they don't sell them directly . I don't have the time to chase around looking for a dealer nor do I see why I should have to pay for another SIM card.

I have learned my lesson in Spain. Still with the major providers like Telefonica. Yes, they are not the cheapest, but their network is much more reliable than HITS (which uses Vodafone and you will find there their coverage is spotty at times) and if I do have a problem, I don't have to run around the back streets of Marbella looking for one of their dealers.

Personally, I would avoid subsribing to HITS.

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22 Oct 2013 11:11 PM by davmunster Star rating in Carvajal\Belfast. 843 posts Send private message

davmunster´s avatar

We've been with HITS on PAYG for several years and are happy with the service. Calls are cheap including calls to family in the UK (provided we stick to landlines!). Easy to top and view our account online but we don't use them for internet access. We ported our number from Vodafone which was not a problem.



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23 Oct 2013 7:57 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

HI Dav, like you I only use them for calls,  I have not had any problems with Hits in several years I have been with them. I can go on line and check my top ups, my calls and SMS,  and see the duration and cost of each.


This is an extract from my on line account

Receiver Duration Date Price* Destination Type Roaming
68501xxx 00h 01m 44s 17/10/2013 12:24:42 0.27€ ORANGE MOVIL Voice Call No
6571xxxxx 00h 02m 37s 16/10/2013 10:43:19 0.15€ HITS MOVIL Voice Call No
622180xxx 00h 00m 34s 03/10/2013 17:04:56 0.19€ YOIGO MOVIL Voice Call No
95246xx 00h 00m 35s 03/10/2013 10:58:41 0.19€ FIJO NACIONAL Voice Call No
6571xxx 00h 00m 19s 01/10/2013 12:17:31 0.15€ HITS MOVIL Voice Call No
657xxx 00h 00m 21s 30/09/2013 19:23:41 0.15€ HITS MOVIL Voice Call No
6571xxxx 00h 01m 00s 30/09/2013 18:59:50 0.15€ HITS MOVIL Voice Call No
0044777914xxx 00h 00m 23s 30/09/2013 11:39:56 0.41€ REINO UNIDO MOVIL Voice Call No
00447779xxx 00h 00m 19s 30/09/2013 11:38:08 0.40€ REINO UNIDO MOVIL Voice Call No


This message was last edited by johnzx on 23/10/2013.

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23 Oct 2013 6:41 PM by formentera costa Star rating. 369 posts Send private message

I have also been with hits mobile for over 3 years on a

PAYG and have never had any problems with them.

I transferred from vodaphone as they were too expensive.



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24 Oct 2013 1:58 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5255 posts Send private message

Just to add to my price list for Hits.

To call

            A fixed line in UK is 35 euro cents connection charge then 3 cents a minute,   pro rata

            A mobile  35 cents connection then 9 cents a minute.


plus IVA




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24 Oct 2013 6:36 PM by petermadd Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

Hi. Have used hits for several years. I use their payg service with my smartphone.Don't use them for calls or texts. I find skype and Viber work fine with no call charges or connection charge. Text using fish text which means local and uk texts are only 2 or 3 cents. Whatsapp is even better allowing messages for free. My internet costs are on average about 7 euros a week which includes looking at a few web pages, loads of texts and about 3 half hour calls to the uk.

This message was last edited by petermadd on 24/10/2013.

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25 Oct 2013 2:41 PM by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1408 posts Send private message

How do you get lower rates for txts on Hits phone using"fish texts?" It sounds much cheaper than txting on my Hits PAYG.

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25 Oct 2013 3:27 PM by petermadd Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

Only works if you have internet access using a smartphone. Just download the Fishtext app and try it. You get a few completely free texts so you can try it out. You can also use it on a PC. The internet cost per text is negligible. Pete

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25 Oct 2013 4:29 PM by Bluesky1 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi I used it before, but personally I found it too complicated, and stopped using it.

However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for other people who are better with technologie than myself.


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