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03 Aug 2017 22:35:

It all depends on how many flights arrive at the same time. We arrived last week and didn't notice anything different from normal. For Terminal 2 they have about 4 lanes of Biometric Passpost  Control. I expect these will be tricky with children so you will have to queue for the 2 manned desks but I don't expect you'll be unduly delayed. Be careful to allow enough time when flying home though. It is the check in desks that are causing the problem not passport control.


Thread: Malaga Airport Delays

26 Oct 2015 20:00:

@ casberruby: you could also say people that spend time on internet forums are sad.....I say each to their own and a good telly experience is nice in the winter (it does rain here you know!!)

@ johnzx: it is speculation but if the connection to your home is fibre but at some point between you and the exchange there is only copper logic says the speed is dictated by the capacity of the copper.

I had an interesting discussion in our local on this subject today. Part time residents (we are in Spain for less than half of the year) generally don't like paying monthly subscriptions when they are not here while full time residents don't mind paying €49/month for a fast internet connection\mobile subscription\landline which gives them everything they want. Interestingly those who use the internet found popular programmes such as the X Factor impossible to watch live - so used catch up TV and watched them later. 

Incidentally we have been waiting for 8 years and as yet don't have access to a landline - so for now at least our options are limited. 


Thread: English TV in Spain

26 Oct 2015 17:00:

I know people in the Fuengirola area who use internet tv using everything from 4G mobile cards, copper cable land lines fibre optic and even wifi. There are varying degrees of satisfaction but most have some problems. Interestingly Fibre Optic is no better in practice than copper - presumably because the Fibre Optic becomes copper somewhere along the line. Issues can be because the servers Filmon etc are using are overloaded at times, local internet capacity isses or the weather. You have to have a high speed unlimited internet service to use any of these which most people seem to pay close to €50 Euros a month for.

I use a basic Sky package (I just bring my card from the UK) and the Intelsat encrypted service for BBC ITV etc. For the time being at least I find the quality better than most internet users in the area and I have no monthly costs. It may well be that in the future we will all use the internet but given that everything tends to take longer than expected in Spain I expect satelite dishes will be an ongoing feature here for many years to come.

Thread: English TV in Spain

16 Jul 2015 17:44:

Air Traffic Controllers like train drivers in the UK apparently do very stressful work which entitles them to very high salaries - or at least that's what their unions tell us. The reality is if you do a stressful job but exercising your right to withdraw your labour isn't going to cause chaos you can expect to be paid a normal wage

Thread: Air Traffic Controllers Strikes July Spain

16 Jul 2015 17:35:

In my experience most of the people who need to advertise in the local papers aren't very good. Good people get all the work they want by recomentation. If I was looking for a plumber I'd ask around. The ex pat community is not that big and once you are known you'll get work if you are good, honest and not hard to pay. If you are on Facebook it is worth joining Buy and Sell costa del Sol - and there are more local groups such as Buy sell and swap Fuengirola.

Thread: English plumber moving to spain


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