Mobile Catering Units - any got any experience good or bad?

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07 Mar 2012 00:00 by growler Star rating in Birmingham & Benejúz.... 164 posts Send private message

Evening all, anyone got any direct experience or a viewpoint on running one of these as a business?  Just back home after a week over in spain and a friend is considering circulating one of these around ex-pat communities as a mobile chippie? Sounds like a winner to me providing the demand is there. Any views either way anyone?


Kind Regards..Pat

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09 Mar 2012 10:42 by Star rating. 97 posts Send private message

 Where abouts were you planning to be based?

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09 Mar 2012 16:48 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Hmm, I'm not sure this is such a winner.

You have to remember that many communities are closed to the public, so your friend wouldn't just be able to drive in.

Also, there are much fewer expats than there used to be, as there are no jobs these days.  Your friend would be busiest in the summer and other holidays but I'm not sure if that is a viable business all year round.

I would think about a business which would appeal not just to the expats but also the locals.



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09 Mar 2012 23:23 by growler Star rating in Birmingham & Benejúz.... 164 posts Send private message

@Costa - better I don't divulge his location  ;)   but I'd be confident there would be a good demand in certain parts of CB that I'm familiar with myself.

@Justin -  appreciate the actual communities might be gated off etc  but I'm thinking the roads just outside. I often see a fresh bread van pulling up where I am despite there being loads of local outlets you can buy bread. I would think it's a case of gradually building up a round perhaps in a similar way a uk milkman may have done in years gone by? Agree with your point about including locals/spaniards but there's always a risk when choosing between a specialism and/or trying to please everyone. As with any business I guess good local market research would be key. My mate rattled off a couple of simple ideas that I hadn't seen over there myself so I guess we'll have to wait and see if anything develops from it.

Still keen to hear from anyone who's tried anything similar though  ;)






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Kind Regards..Pat

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10 Mar 2012 01:02 by DonLochnagar Star rating in Mazarron. 161 posts Send private message

I've often thought that this might be a good opportunity in the right place.  I'm near Mazarron and a late night hamburger van and a day time ice cream van, I am sure would be viable, but I am not sure what the license requirement would be.

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23 Nov 2012 14:40 by Star rating. 2 posts Send private message



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