Driving from Torreivieja to Cork......

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31 Dec 2011 12:00 AM by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 191 posts Send private message

Hi Guys, I bought a new car in Spain a few Weeks ago and I am going to drive home to Ireland shortly for a change, I need some advice on the adventure, what is the best route to take, and how many days would it take without rushing, I dont like ferries so I will take the tunnel from France to England and have to take the ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare......Help....

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31 Dec 2011 9:34 AM by gcarton Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

These are the routes suggesed by via michelin. I would personally recommend the E15/A75 route via Girona and over the Millau bridge. We usually stop in Narbonne at a B&B, then somewhere near Paris/Le Mans, but is upto you how many hours you do. The route I have recommended is great if you have cruise control.




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31 Dec 2011 11:49 AM by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 191 posts Send private message

Thanks for that sounds good,, how many days does that take, how many overnights would you think would be about right, we are in no rush we will make a holiday out of it, are there many tools on this route....

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31 Dec 2011 12:23 PM by gcarton Star rating. 144 posts Send private message

We travel with a dog, so it varies. Usually 3/4 days. 500 miles a day it quite doable on these motorways. The link I posted can show hotels restaurants etc. Tools? Do you mean tolls? If so the two routes show the total amount payable. Varies between £70 and £120 for the journey. On the left hand side you can specify no tolls under options and it will give a route, but the journey time jumps by some ten hours.


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31 Dec 2011 12:50 PM by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 191 posts Send private message

Sorry tolls I meant, I suppose 500 KM is enough everday there are four of us together plus bags and stuff, but the car is a VW Passat so we have plenty room and would you believe the price of that car in Ireland is 12,000 more than in Spain, we will drive back to Spain then in Oct for a Month and get out of this terrible place nothing but doom and gloom and bad weather, sorry for talking so bad about Ireland but thats the way I feel when I am in Spain I feel so much better with bright sunny days and cheap food I could go on and on.......Thanks again for your help we will take that route your send me, A very Happy New Year to you and yours.....

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