Damp!!! Black Mould, on the walls dripping condensation on the windows, can’t seem to get warm.

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22 Dec 2011 12:00 AM by hypnoman80803 Star rating in Benahavis / San Pedr.... 5 posts Send private message

Well it’s coming up to that time of year again, Feb, March Apr & May are notoriously bad for damp these days....  because things have changed, the air is actually wetter and is not getting any better.

However, for some lucky people there is a solution. I say some, because if you don’t have a south or south west facing wall then you will not be able to do this, but for those lucky people who do....

For the cost of a large flat screen TV you can possible solve your damp problems forever (well for many years) and knock 40 to 50% off any heating bills so you will get your money back in around two to three years anyway. After that you are actually in profit!!!

What am I talking about? I am talking about something called a hot air solar heating system. It was developed in Denmark and was so successful they sold 10,000 of them in just a few years.

People with damp problems who actually see and ‘feel’ them working immediately want to know if they can have one fitted.  

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You can also watch this video




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22 Dec 2011 1:44 PM by xetog Star rating in Wiltshire/holiday ap.... 514 posts Send private message

The problem is, particularly in winter, the house is shut up with little or no ventilation.  Spanish houses are notoriously poorly insulated, so that the external walls in particular get relatively cold, whilst the air inside the house is heated.  The main source of increased moisture is respiration from the occupants and unless this is removed by ventilation the amount of moisture in the air increases rapidly.  It may not be particularly noticable from the comfort point of view as humans can tolerate large differences in moisture content without distress, nevertheless the moisture content of the air increases until it reaches the level where it condenses on cool surfaces (this is called the dewpoint), thus produces damp & mold.  If the surfaces were better insulated, they would resist damp far more than an untreated surface.  Heating the surface is also a solution, although it wastes energy, but it creates a flow of warm air over the surface which carries away the moisture, this can be seen when a radiator is placed under a window.  However, there is a limit on the amount of moisture air at any given temperature can hold and any surface that is cooler will create condensation. I know nothing about the units suggested, but would point out that the level of insulation in Denmark is far better than commonly found in Spain and the Danes commonly use heat exchange ventilation systems which rid them of additional moisture entrained in the air.  Without wishing to insult the previous poster, I would be very wary of someting that suggests large amounts can be saved from ANY heating bills.


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22 Dec 2011 3:36 PM by joanniemac Star rating. 241 posts Send private message

My house suffered quite badly from damp, it didn`t help that it was closed up for long periods of time. I had read about these units

and decided to have one fitted last year. It has made a huge difference to the damp  problem, I wouldn`t say it has cured the problem totally, however it has gone a long way to reduce the dampness and the smell of a closed up house.  I think it has been worth the initial outlay, and it doesn`t cost anything to run.

Cheers Joanniemac

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23 Dec 2011 8:22 PM by hypnoman80803 Star rating in Benahavis / San Pedr.... 5 posts Send private message

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23 Dec 2011 8:59 PM by xetog Star rating in Wiltshire/holiday ap.... 514 posts Send private message

Hypnoman, Although I am a chartered engineer, I would always hesitate to rubbish any system of which I had no knowledge.  During my long life in the building services industry (now retired), I have seen many things that contradict established ideas.  My comment was more intended to caution against 'broad brush' claims that a fixed saving can be made on any system.  There will always be an exception to any rule.  Unfortunately I am not permenantly established in Spain and at present I am in the UK for quite a long time, so I cannot avail myself of the offer you make.  Since you do not describe how the system you provide works, or any technical or manufacturing details, I cannot evaluate it technically for my own satisfaction.  However, I don't want to knock this method just because I don't know about it, just object to the claim that 40% to 50% can be saved on any heating bills.


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