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08 May 2011 00:00 by cannylad Star rating. 35 posts Send private message

We have a problem with many dog's barking within our community. We are trying to find out if it is voted on at the AGM the legalities of preventing future tennents and owners from the community with dogs. We intend to leave the dogs that are within the development and prevent more joining them. Our administraitor said that if this was not in the deeds when the property was registered then this cannot be done. At the moment we have no habitation licence and aver half of the apartments are empty. any advice would be appreciated.

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08 May 2011 16:08 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6933 posts Send private message

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The barking dogs problem has been covered numerous times, it's a difficult issue. On our community we have a rule that owners must not allow their animals to disturb others but this isn't 'policed' & those annoyed enough have bought gadgets which make us feel less stressed so, if all fails, try one of these. which we used on dogs close by. covers greater area.

Both have excellent reviews. What price for peace of mind?









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08 May 2011 18:04 by JHW Star rating. 0 posts

Sorry to be negative but I think you just have to live with it --unless the police CAN hear for themselves then it is a warning ---and of course the dogs are quiet when the police get there --ear plugs!!!

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09 May 2011 13:22 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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This is always a problem on communities and I know it drives many people mad.

If it is out of hand, for example, during the early hours of the morning, then you can "denuncia" your neighbours to the police and the police will take action. 

At this point, however, you have to be ready for some uncomfortable moments when sitting around the communal pool!

Tough one and I totally empathise with you.



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10 May 2011 19:19 by nitram Star rating. 124 posts Send private message

My understanding of what I have been told,(BY OUR LOCAL POLICE) is what you need to do is for 1 whole  month is  record all times of  incidents of barking occur 24 hours a day, if possible take photos of dogs, even better still get some video evidence and  denounce owners.

also with in the community pass a rule that owners must not have more then X amount of dogs at one time,  this will stop dog breeders and such like setting up shop


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10 May 2011 22:08 by westport Star rating in London & Co.Mayo Ire.... 509 posts Send private message

I know exactly how you all feel. When we first got our apartment, there were none. Now they are everywhere crapp*ng all over the grass areas where kids play and barking. I have told some neighbours of the case of the small child last year that feel and put his hands in dog muck then rubbed his eyes. The child is now blind. Apparantly the case is going through the courts for a half a million compensation from the local authority. Maybe if this newspaper article was put up in complexes then these idiots might chagne their ways. We have one mutt in the block in front of us that barks morning noon and night. The owners go to work and leave it on the terrace all day. Where I come from, in the past any type of anti social behaviour, which this is, is dealt with by so called vigilante groups ( disgruntled neighbours). Maybe if some dog cr*p ended up in their letterboxes then maybe they might consider the people around them. Had I wanted to live beside a load of mutts, I would have spent my hundreds of thousands on a place beside Battersea dogs home.

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11 May 2011 17:25 by mike_walsh Star rating in Torrevieja. 594 posts Send private message

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This will be seen by some as an option but I think the fine a tad on the high sife   ;o)



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11 May 2011 18:32 by westport Star rating in London & Co.Mayo Ire.... 509 posts Send private message

Good article. Seems like a small price to pay for peace and quiet. On our development, I would say that works out about € 10 each in donations. The police officer should be given a medal. If these people can't keep their mutts quiet and under control, then they should not have them. I don't mind anyone having a dog, as long as it is kept on a lead in the complex, does not cr*p on the pavements and grass, and is not barking on the terrace / balcony. Is that too much to ask. Why should I have to listen to a mutt barking all of the time. How about if I start playing loud music. Would they like it. No. So it works both ways. Maybe the lawyer who writes on EOS, could tell us all the law, and can the community write rules regarding dogs and vote on them at an AGM.

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11 May 2011 23:55 by yb Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

I am shocked...
Seems some believe it is funny/understandable that a sleeping animal was shot dead ... And the policer officer was only fined 200 euros, Life is obviously cheap... If it's inconvenient!

of course dogs, are a privilege to own... and so should be handled/owned responsibly, but it is the owners that needed to be dealt with, when there are issues ... Not the dog, Have you asked yourself, why is the dog barking? Why the owner didn't pickup the poop?

Also, I'd recommend against using ultrasonic devices indiscriminatly, they work because a dog the recognizes that IT'S bark causes the sound, should you have more than one dog barking, or something else which the dog believes is triggering the sound , then it may not work, and may even make things worst.

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13 May 2011 21:56 by scania Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

What about the mummy and daddy of the crap machine who think the dog is,nt barking but talking to them to get attention and tell them what they need like can we go to the post box to see if anyone has wrote to us...shall we recylce the rubbish today..we are doing paper today...get the dog a paper think he is capable i need a p,,,, or a s...t bless i need a bath tonight or tomorow..christ PLEASE do not insult my intelligence..GET A LIfE PLEASE........

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13 May 2011 23:13 by yb Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

@scania, sorry but your post is unintelligible, punctuation would help!

I was shocked at the fact the hatred was aim at the dog.

My post clearly did not say there was not a problem, it said it was the owners, and that is where the solution lies.

I suggest next time you both read posts more carefully, and also write your reply more clearly!

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14 May 2011 00:00 by campana Star rating in Marbella. 474 posts Send private message

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I agree entirely with you, YB.  The fault lies entirely with the irresponsible owners, who do not train their dog and keep it under control.  Unfortunately there are too many dog owners who should not be dog owners.





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14 May 2011 01:39 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

21 May 2011 18:50 by Angell Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

I have the Bark Control from Primrose of London which is okey but I have a much better one  which is really fantastic and covers a much larger area, we have a dog in the garden next door who used to drive us mad but now we get one bark  then silence, it costs a bit more but is well worth it. 


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22 May 2011 11:09 by stonover Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Hi Angell,

You mention that you have a much better Bark Control than the one from Primrose of London , could you let me know details ?

Thanks in advance.

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22 May 2011 15:02 by Angell Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

Hello Stonover,  I have a leaflet with all the details but cannot find out how to attach it so the best thing would be for you to go in to their website and see all the details, it is a bit pricey but marvelous, we have a dog in the garden next door that used to drive us mad, now, one bark then silence, heaven.   I would be interested how you get on.    Cheers.

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23 May 2011 11:50 by stonover Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Hi Angell, many thanks for the info.

It sounds great and i`m pleased that it works so well for you,  Unfortunately I don`t think it would work in my circumstances as there is a large brick wall between my house and next door where the offending dog is, and it seems that the signal has to be aimed directly at the dog.

So it looks that it will have to be Plan B -  The Shotgun !!  ( only joking )

Anyway thanks for your interest.

Regards,  stonover.

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23 May 2011 13:14 by Angell Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

Hello again Stonover,

I feel very sorry for you having experienced the problem myself,  just a suggestion, could you not put the gadget on top of a pole your side of the wall slightly higher than the wall and angled down into their garden, they could not object even if they noticed it because it is on your land.

If this is not possible for any reason I would fully agree with plan B. nearly did it myself before I found the gadget.    Cheers.  Angell.

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23 May 2011 17:24 by Susanspain Star rating in Mijas, Malaga. 145 posts Send private message

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I have recently bought the Primrose type model. It seems to be working Ok so far. (I have read on reviews though that it is more suitable for low pitched barks - but that is Ok as the neighbours dogs are 4 x Alsatians!)

So far we have had a good nights sleep in the 3 weeks since we installed it. (I did have to put it up high and point down at the area where the dogs roam, but this was not too difficult).

If it ever stops working I will try Angell's suggested model.

(Dogs are nice creatures, but they don't deserve to be abandonded in the campo locked up by their 'owners' with no company etc.  At least our neighbour comes and feeds them daily, but we really don't get why he has the dogs....)

As also we don't get why the other neighbour has donkeys that he never comes to see/uses for anything and they just inter breed.

Zut Alores!


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24 May 2011 11:14 by stonover Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

 Hi Angell , unfortunately It will not be possible to do as you suggested  in our particular circumstances , so until I can find an answer I will just have to live with it.

Regards, stonover.

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