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06 May 2011 12:00 AM by bob.dunford6 Star rating. 49 posts Send private message

 The MEPs fighting for Owners Rights in Spain.Owners rights when a Property, has  Property Deed Sign by the Abogado.and Stamp by the Notary, After going through the Land Registry .All this makes the House Fully Legal,If the Property wa illegally Biult .Or the House was Bult without Permision Or the House Stands on less then 10 000 sq metres.It should not have Property Deeds, Should not be allowed to be sold,The Lawyer you Paid should have told you, They Cannot Sign or Stamp the Property Deeds .But if they have they have,They have fully Legallized the Property by Spanish Law .And the European Laws .You cannot have a House which is Half Legal and Half illegal.if the Lawyers who have taken your Money are Saying After they Signed and Stamped your Property Deeds, That it is still illegal then they are commiting Fraud.And would have to  Loose the Practicing licence,Which alows them to Practice Law in Spain ,Any Judge in the European Parliment will tell you this,And also the Spanish Judges.I believe.this Argument was going on in Brussels all Last Week..Mr Cashman MEPs .Said if the Spanish Lawyers want to make these Houses Kept  Ilegal. They must pay back all the Property Payments made by the Owners( BUYING THE HOUSE BACK OFF THEM FOR THE PRICE THEY PAID.WITH LAWYERS FEES ADDED)  With a Large Compensation,.Or make these House Fully Legal .With Mains Water Connected,.Tarmac Roads around the said House,.Otherwards giving them their Human Rights,They are the Ones Breaking the Law not the Owner, The Owners have Owners Rights.As with any home in the European Countries.Marta Andreasen has been to see the Spanish Prime Minister of Spain on this Problem The Prime Minister was very Imbarrest over this Problem.And now with the Spanish Goverment sending Sr Jose Blanco to tell Europeans that all Houses in Spain have Legal Security is a Lie.The European Commision has said there now is well over a Million of Homes Bought by the British,.Germany, French .Sweden Holland .Ireland .Who were never told by the Spanish Lawyers that the House they have Bought is illegall,What Person would even think about Buying a illegally bult Home.Would he Waste his hard Earned Money on a illegal Home, No he would not, Which Proves without Doubt this is a Scam. .They all hold Property Deeds Signed by the Abogado.And Stamped by the Notary,And gone through the Land Registry.Making the House Legal.All the MEPs from all the Countries .Britain.Germany.france Sweden Holland .Ireland are all Fighting for there Peoples Rights.They all cant be Wrong .On Talk Radio Spain,This Week they told of a Huge Commitee of People, Who have Signed a Letter to then British Goverment, And the European Parliment to Read this Letter Out And .do some thing..The European Parliment could Stop the Funding to Spain,.All these things Now are being thought about, .If we cant have Legal Law in Spain, Then we should not Buy there Houses.

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