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21 Mar 2013 23:05:

How do you go about retuning the channels on a normal sky box.


Thread: SKY TV

21 Mar 2013 18:59:

Thanks for that.

Thread: SKY TV

21 Mar 2013 10:21:

Thanks for the update Satandpcguy.

I have a place in Malaga. When there in February I had no channel 5 or the other 5's channels. My brother was there the week after me, and he told me I have now lost BBC1, ITV1 and Ch 4 as well. Have you heard of anyone else in the Malaga area losing the other main channels. He said the only one working was BBC2. Could it be they were just testing the new satellite or moved them to another frequency.


Thread: SKY TV

13 Oct 2012 23:40:

I was on the Easyjet website when the Summer schedule went live. Some of the return flights the last weekend of August before the kids go back to school were nearly double the previous year. They are clearly taking advantage of the fact it is school holidays. I know the airlines have all had that policy of supply and demand, but not charging nearly double as soon as the flights became available. Thankfully I was able to avoid flying back at the weekend saving nearly £ 900 for 3 of us. As for the allocated seating, I was on one of the trial flights for this and the staff said it was a complete waste of time, as people were turning up at the gate at the last minute to board knowing that they had their seats pre booked, so now instead of boarding the back of the plane first in rows numbers, to speed up the boarding process, it will still be the free for all standing in line half an hour before the plane even pulls in. Nothing changes. They may as well merge both companies and call it EasyRyanJet.

Thread: Easyjet flights - substantially higher in 2013?

13 Oct 2012 23:05:

There is a new boss at Easyjet, obviously looking to boost the coffers. The flights are way higher than last year. One way back from Malaga, the last weekend in August with a case was just under £ 400 one way. They can't just blame fuel costs as the percentage difference to last year is way out. This ploy from Easyjet will backfire in the long run if they continue. They won't be known as a budget airline and people will take their business elsewhere.

Thread: Easyjet flights - substantially higher in 2013?


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